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GotGarlic 09-20-2016 02:26 PM

Suggestion: time to divide the "What are you doing?" thread
Hi, admins & mods :smile: Remember when DC divided the "What are you baking today?" thread by years because it got so unwieldy? I think it might be useful to do the same, or something similar, with the "WAYD" thread.

I noticed that the first page of posts has disappeared from the thread, making me wonder whether it has become compromised in the database. Also, just now, I responded to a post there and when I went to edit it, this showed up in the quoted portion instead of Outpatient/Chef Munky's post:


Originally Posted by Chef Brian (Post 744)
Hello Norma,

Nice to be here looks like a great forum for foodies like me ;-)


Good thing I noticed and deleted it. Otherwise, it would make no sense and might be offensive and/or hurtful to Munky, unintentionally on my part.

Thanks for your consideration.

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