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kleenex 12-05-2016 05:29 PM

Tate's Bake Shop Gingersnap And Vanilla Cookie Review
I was able to find a big box of these cookie from Tate's bake shop. A 42 count cookie box with both of these flavors in it.

Vanilla Cookies are the easier flavor to find. Gingerbread may be only available in the that special box.

Gingersnap Cookie Review

Nice big sized flat cookies that looked like gingerbread.

nice crunchy cookie.

Flavor was just amazing. Really did have loads of gingerbread flavor.

A big thumbs up from me.

Vanilla Cookie Review

Nice big flat cookies that had good Vanilla flavor to them.

A nice and crunchy cookie, but just did not like them as much as the Gingerbread flavor cookie.

A medium sized thumbs up from me..

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