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milford 03-29-2018 06:00 AM

Anyone have any recipes they can share? I've tried the internet and only found 2 that look right. (My wife and I made this once over 10 yrs ago). Neck bones and carrots doesn't sound right on some of these recipes.

JustJoel 03-29-2018 11:33 AM

I’ve never heard of Sekanice. Could I gently suggest that when you ask questions like these, you give a bit more info? Perhaps what area of the world it’s from, or what, more common, dish it resembles.

I did a google search, and got a whole page of recipes for Sekanice. https://www.google.com/search?source...m6wJwfj2iaQ%3D
I don’t know which if any appeal to you, but if you find a good one, please let us know. Happy Easter!

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