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  1. ISO sheep or goat ideas
  2. Turkish lamb, aubergine, dried apricot and chickpea stew
  3. Cuts for making ground lamb
  4. Lamb's kidneys
  5. Lamb bones?
  6. roasted leg of lamb:proper cooking time
  7. Marinated roast leg of lamb
  8. Juices from leg of lamb roast in wood fired oven?
  9. Lamb shanks roasted, with roast potatoes.
  10. Is lamb shoulder chop a tender cut?
  11. Need advice for roasting lamb plus buttnernut squash
  12. Salt Crusted Leg of Lamb
  13. High Heat Roast Leg of Lamb
  14. Lamb Gyros?
  15. Lamb Steaklets with a stilton sauce
  16. Cooked Lamb Recipe?
  17. Pairing Side Dishes for Lamb?
  18. Ideas for lamb loin?
  19. Leftover Leg of Lamb
  20. Butterflied leg of lamb?
  21. Lamb shanks with cider (alcohol) and rosemary
  22. Lamb Chops with Raspberry Sauce
  23. What do you do with your ground lamb?
  24. Hunan Lamb
  25. Mediterranean Lamb Shanks
  26. Roasted Stuffed Double Lamb Loin
  27. Cilantro Lamb Satays
  28. Apricot Stuffed Lamb Chops
  29. Braised Lamb Shanks with Roasted Shallots and Dried Cherries
  30. Garlic Roasted Lamb with Oregano Pesto
  31. Algerian Honeyed Lamb Kebabs
  32. Grilled Lamb Chops with Caramelized Garlic Sauce
  33. TNT - Chops in Hot Sauce
  34. Dijon Lamb Chops (TNT)
  35. Lamb 'Hotpot'