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Site Admin
Sous Chef

  • Location: Dallas, Tx
  • Biography: As a native Texan, I love BBQ and big steaks. When I am not working on forums you can find me in the kitchen or out at the grill (cold beer in hand). I also enjoy densely rich chocolate desserts, the more chocolate, butter and sugar you can pack in, the better.
  • Join Date: 02-14-2002 (Days: 6,914)
  • Last Visit: 09-10-2020
Master Chef

  • Location: Chesapeake Bay
  • Biography: Cooking for Kathleen.
  • Join Date: 11-22-2009 (Days: 4,076)
  • Last Visit: Yesterday
Assistant Cook

  • Join Date: 10-20-2011 (Days: 3,379)
  • Last Visit: 08-17-2020
Certifiable Executive Chef

  • Location: Pacific NW
  • Biography: Currently a home cook, Janet has chopped, whipped and seared her way through a large commercial kitchen, a small artisan caterer and even a vegetarian brasserie. Favorite dishes include anything with artichokes and pizza (best with champagne). Current regular patrons at 'Chez Janet' include a neurotic border collie, bottomless pit college student son and long suffering husband.
  • Join Date: 01-17-2007 (Days: 5,116)
  • Last Visit: Yesterday
Ogress Supreme

  • Location: Wyoming
  • Biography: I am an RN, working in Geriatric Care. I live in Wonderful Wyoming and am owned by three cats and a puppy.
  • Join Date: 07-14-2009 (Days: 4,207)
  • Last Visit: N/A
Assistant Cook

  • Join Date: 11-13-2012 (Days: 2,989)
  • Last Visit: 01-11-2021

  • Location: over here
  • Biography: Tech Admin keeps DC humming along and can be found online at the oddest hours (when most reasonable folks are sound asleep).
  • Join Date: 08-14-2007 (Days: 4,907)
  • Last Visit: Yesterday

Super Moderator
Executive Chef

  • Location: North Carolina
  • Join Date: 11-05-2009 (Days: 4,092)
  • Last Visit: Yesterday
Chef Extraordinaire

  • Biography: I love to play with my food!
  • Join Date: 04-12-2011 (Days: 3,570)
  • Last Visit: N/A
Chef Extraordinaire

  • Location: I live in the Heartland of the United States - Western Kentucky
  • Biography: I am a gourmet cook, syndicated food writer and interior designer.
  • Join Date: 09-11-2006 (Days: 5,244)
  • Last Visit: N/A

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