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    Steak sauce - do you use it?

    I don't use it on steak, but it's pretty good on a burger.
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    What is the best rice cooker?

    I got a Rival rice cooker on clearance at Sears. It works pretty darn well, but it does not have an auto-timer feature. Also, I agree that if I'm not home, I'm not going to have any kind of cooking appliance running. Too dangerous.
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    I love fried chicken

    I like fried chicken, but I suspect that thing would not be all that good to eat.
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    McDonalds China goes Gray bun...

    That looks gross.
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    CDC Researchers Profile 10 Years of E. Coli O157 Outbreaks

    Part of this is that Mexico is providing many foods we buy. Their food safety standards aren't quite as good as the USAs. Another hidden secret is that a large percentage of the outbreaks happen with "organic" food. Pesticides and other chemicals are not great, but they prevent e coli outbreaks...
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    Supper Friday 7/24/15

    I'm just making an omelette. Have too many eggs.
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    Good Eats? Sat. June 27

    I had microwave burritos.
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    Wednesday, 17-06-2015

    I'm making french toast. :w00t2:
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    New ways to use pancake mix Bunch of awesome ways to use pancake mix.
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    Poll - Got mustard?

    I have horseradish mustard and French yellow.
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    My noodle soup recipe

    You can have beef or lamb in this. I just don't.
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    My noodle soup recipe

    It is my version of soba soup. Pretty much guessing the ingredients and after experimenting with different stuff, this is what I ended up liking. I may have to try your ideas, though.
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    My noodle soup recipe

    Just something I make on a fairly regular basis. Ingredients (all amounts according to taste): egg noodles garlic onions mushrooms soy sauce cumin salt pepper one egg chicken (cut into small pieces) grated cheese Cook the chicken in a separate pan. Bring water to a boil. Add in salt and soy...
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    Happy Valentine's Day to All

    Happy Singles Awareness Day!
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    Zuppa Toscana

    I love this soup! Thanks for posting a recipe for it.
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