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    Yeah!!!!! I now have phone and Internet service.

    You go girl! Glad you're back!
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    ISO Help Cooking Chicken with Garlic

    Does the chicken need to be whole? Can it be cut up? Sprinkle chicken pieces with salt/pepper. Brown in olive oil, add several sliced garlic cloves, rosemary and 1/2 c white wine. Simmer until alcohol is gone. Voila!
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    Do you wear an apron when cooking?

    You went to Le Cordon Bleu??!! That's been my dream!
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    Fish and Wonton???

    The soup idea is good but I don't think it's the right ingredients for a soup. If it were me, I'd make a rangoon out of it. Mince the fish (cooked first), add cream cheese, chopped spinach and minced green onion. Fill the wrapper and deep fry
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    I'm not and haven't been able to for over 2 weeks now - it's frustrating :ermm:
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    Does Anyone use a juicer?

    I used to have a juicer but found it was a waste of money. Unless you are really, really IN to making lots of juice daily, I say don't waste your money. I made a pretty good profit in the garage sale for it though, lol
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    Using measuring devices...

    I do the same as Mama. Baking is more science than cooking :smile:
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    Do you wear an apron when cooking?

    Absolutely! Just check out my avatar :lol:. My fav (and the only one I have) has moo cows
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    Monday Feb 16 Dinner Plans?

    Thai peanut chicken
  10. Glorie

    Homogenized vs Whole Milk

    I believe it is, yes
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    Safe to reheat frozen then refrigerated chicken stock?

    Hmmm, I've not had any trouble but then again I've always used boxed stock. As long as the soup doesn't stay out at room temp and is refrigerated, I'm sure it would be fine - just make sure that you heat it up good before you eat it :o)
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    I'm assumming this is Greek - sounds fantastic! May I ask a stupid question though....if salt cod is not available, would fresh work?
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    Storing Fresh Garlic

    Doesn't it mold in the refrigerator? :rolleyes:
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    What is your signature dish?

    Sorry it took me so long to get this, it's been hard for me to locate anything on this site lately. YOU'RE ON!! Clam chowder throwdown chowdown!! :lol:
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    Frozen chicken breasts

    You can also use a small pan which works just as good :smile:
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