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    Fried Green Tomatoes?

    I have seen both green unripe tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes called for in recipes for fried green tomatoes. My SO, a southern bred boy, uses unripe tomatoes. As for myself, I can't stand them...yuck!
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    Saturday Supper. 12/16/17

    Here it was baked cod with homemade rice-a-roni, steamed cauliflower and Italian green beans.:chef:
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    Dinner Wed Nov 1 2017

    We had homemade rotisserie chicken with Hubbard squash, mashed potatoes and gravy. Oh, and a tossed salad.
  4. joesfolk

    Dinner Wed Nov 1 2017

    In our household dinner was sweet and sour pork with rice and steamed veggies. Had to use up some leftovers.
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    What is your weather like right now?

    here it is miserable, wet, rainy and cold as it has been 90 percent of this year. I am ready to try Florida!
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    2017 Edition - What are you baking?

    I never thought to put triple sec in... must try that next time.
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    Friday 10/27/2017 What's on the menu?

    We are having a garden salad with lasagna and of course garlic bread. Banana cream pie for dessert...much later tonight.
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    Friday 10/27/2017 What's on the menu?

    What is a shell steak?
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    What's on your plate Monday, 10-2-2017?

    Had baked cod and tater tots... nothing special.
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    ISO help to reset display

    Will someone please advise me in how to reset my display so that when I go to read a thread the first post shows up first and so on. Now they are in reverse order.
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    What's for Supper Sunday Oct. 1, 2017

    We had spatchcocked roast chicken with sage and onion dressing, butternut squash with a hint of nutmeg and corn on the cob.
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    Everything old is new again

    Lately I am canning. Tried a recipe for Mock pineapple that was surprisingly good.
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    Everything old is new again

    Hi folks, I used to come here often but somehow got away from it. But I am back now. I see there are still a few familiar faces here. Hope to have fun with you all this winter.
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    Sous Vide for less than $30?

    If this product is coming from China it may take months to get here. That was my experience with a different product. Hope I am wrong.
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