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    Ras Jah-I saltfish rundown.

    Jah bless, Saltfish is salted cod it dried in salt. It traditional all over the Caribbean many would call saltfish and Ackee as the Jamaican National dish man. Jah bless Kali-Ann
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    Petty Vents

    Jah bless you Taxlady me hope you day blessed, These thing happen man, Rastafari generally treated with indifference by some even some other black people dislike us man because we hold on to Zion. Me tell my children we African never forget it, other mothers call me mad. Our dreads to them look...
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    Petty Vents

    Jah bless you dragnlaw, Jah know we do not do it wilful he overstand everything man. It just to be deceived when them what we are! Jah give all the choice to live good some choose the other path man. Rastafari peaceful people man but if the owner have any sense he stay away, there Bobo Ashanti...
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    Ras Jah-I saltfish rundown.

    Jah bless all, OK so me make this later so me think me share also. Now man Ras Jah-I was the name of my grandfather, this Amharic the language of Ethiopia and the Nyahbinghi, we also speak Patois and English, he live til he 89 and him dreads down to him ankle man and snow white, he make this...
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    Jamaican French toast.

    Yeah man!!!!! :lol::lol: Jah bless Kali-Ann
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    Pineapple ratchat sauce.

    Yeah man do so. It a sauce put it on what ever you feel, as me never taste pork me have no idea what it be like but me would be interested to find out! Me know many in Jamaica eat pork but we do not man. Jah bless man, Kali-Ann
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    Petty Vents

    Do restaurants care what them give customers?? Jah bless, me hope you day blessed with peace! So me just go out for a few thing at the shops and me see quite a crowd outside a local Caribbean restaurant and man them vexed! It used mostly by Rastafari and occasional Muslim people. So me go to...
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    Pineapple ratchat sauce.

    Jah bless, Me can not help you there man, me and my family do not touch pork. But me no say it would not work, try it man. Jah bless Kali-Ann
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    New member

    Jah bless and welcome, Kali-Ann
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    Jah bless man and welcome, Me and my family eat Ital food (this Patois for clean and pure) we Niyabinghi Rastafari so healthy food is very important man. Me hope you day blessed with peace man. Jah bless Kali-Ann
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    The "what are you listening to now" thread

    Jah bless man, Me go with Marvin Gaye. Kali-Ann
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    Rasta pasta.

    Jah bless all, OK man so this sound a bit strange yeah? This not only eaten by Rastafari, name come from the colours of the capsicums man Red, Gold and Green. So you do not need be Rastafari to make OK. You can add anything to this man, saltfish, shrimp and if feeling wealthy lobster tail. This...
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    Fabulous Jamaican Jerk burger.

    Jah bless all man, Now man you probably guess now Jamaican food all about big flavour man. And when me make burgers it no different man. Believe me man this take a simple common and garden burger to a whole new level. You can make this in the oven man but to get the best flavour it need cook...
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    Jah bless all, OK man, me refer to Bami in some other posts me make, so me decide post recipe for this also man. Bami been eaten in Jamaica by the Arawaks for centuries long before slaves arrive there man. Arawaks are the native people. Now two things you need to understand here, there two...
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    Jamaican French toast.

    Jah bless you man, Me have to say it look good man! Me glad you make it, and you do a good job. As me say man there is big difference between what available in take away and certain restaurants and what eaten at home. Jah bless Kali-Ann
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