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    ISO Ham use ideas

    Thanks for the recipes I don't feel so burdened by all the ham I have now.
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    ISO Ham use ideas

    What is a ham croquette?
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    ISO Ham use ideas

    Those are good ideas!! Maybe I will through the ham in some mac and cheese with some broccoli.
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    Word Association Game

    buns---sesame seeds
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    ISO Ham use ideas

    Hey everyone so I could use some help. I have some thick sliced ham that I bought for ham and eggs and I don't know what else to do with it. I made sandwiches already. And my husband is allergic to pineapple so I can't make ham and pineapple. What can I do with my ham?
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    Word Association Game

    pine trees---- hiking
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    Summer food

    It is way hot over here in too. I just dreaded getting in my car to drive home for lunch. I just had a cold sandwich with deli meat. Dinner is also going to be tough since my apartment heats up really quick. No oven tonight.
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    Hospital Humor

    My mother is going to love this joke she works in a hospitol.
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    Can you stand another newbie?

    The age range in your family is just like mine. My little brother is 5 and my twin and I are 22. Although I don't live at home. That is kind of good my bro is a picky eater, I wouldn't want to cook for him.
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    Frosted cantaloupe salad. rec:

    I am actually a little excited to try some pepper with fruit. I salt my apples when I eat them so why not pepper.
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    What's your favorite brand of chocolate?

    I love cadbury chocolate
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    Human/Pet Look-a-Like

    ha ha I love it!!!
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    Am I right to be a little steamed?

    You totally have a right to be angry but the best advice it to forgive and forget. I bet the only person your anger is effecting is you and you don't want to be made especially over a happy event like a graduation party.
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    Would you wash your chicken eggs?

    I always wash my eggs and I buy them from the market I heard that if you are going to get food poisoning it comes from the outside of the egg.
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    Word Association Game

    Who--- Whoville
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