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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
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    Dinner Sunday 18th November

    After working and extremely long day yesterday I am looking for something simple
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    SOS, ISO salmon serving advice.

    Cooking the fish en papillote (method of steaming by wrapping in parchment papper or even foil) is a great idea especially for keep the fish moist. The only thing is it tends to overcook if you don't release the steam when its done. It is a great method though
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    Pancit Bihon

    Virtually every region of the Philippines have their own version.
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    I use mandolins both at work and at home. A japanese for fine work and the traditional mainly for slicing (making dauphinoise) , julienne, and batonet cuts. At work its a life saver because of the volume for example just to julienne carrots my cooks peel and cut 40 lb per day. Just remember they...
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    Pumpkin Bread Fail

    If you need to keep cooking them you can always put a loose foil tent over the top to prevent them from over browning. By then most of the steam will have been released so it won't become soggy
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    Welcome to DC I feel like a newbie myself. I could not believe its been since I longed on to DC. Hope everyone is well:chef:
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    ISO advice for gift for inexperienced cook - HA or SS

    What to Buy... Welcome to DC. I am not a fan of buying cookware from Costco, but I do shop there on occasion. Bottom line is I were buying cookware for an inexperienced cook I would buy something in a non-stick form. I don't use non-stick, but if somebody is just learning how to cook than...
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    Today's Dinner! Sat Oct 29th

    Off tonight after a busy week at the restaurant. I think it may be time to visit another restaurant and try not to critique the food or sevice too badley. ~¿ô
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    Bbq - always more to learn

    Love BBQ - As a matter of fact we just enjoyed another event here in Kansas City over the weekend, a little BBQ competition we like to call the "American Royal". Had around 500 teams again this year.
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    Which celebrity chef do you dislike?

    Jusnikki, Once you meet him you might change your opinion of him. It's a little different working an event with him.
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    Cooking influence and style

    My Mother was called up early and so I learned the basics from my Father who had been a Navy Cook.
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    Which celebrity chef do you dislike?

    I know what I wrote about my feelings of Mr. Bobby Flay, but in reading earlier discussions I really have to agree with CharlieD my final decision on the vote would be...drum roll please... Ms. Ina Garten ... yikes
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    Which celebrity chef do you dislike?

    How can I say this without getting booed off DC. Well here it goes... The Chef that I like the least on television would have to be Mr. Bobby Flay...Before I get slammed, this is how I see it. First I want to say he is a Chef by all rights and his shows are for entertainment purposes...I get...
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    Favorite Item from Trader Joe's?

    We now have two Trader Joes stores locally in the Kansas Cit area and its a great place for Foodies to shop
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