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I've been cooking since I was a kid. Boy Scouts and camping with family had me learning to cook on an open fire with cast iron & improvised implements. I had learned fabrication skills and welding in school days and I've build several types of cooking equipment. (Dutch Oven table, Rotisserie, Smokers (up-flow & reverse flow, cold smoke generator) Later I looked after some older family members and cooked for them. Then I have cooked for my Fraternal Lodges. Most recently I received a job offer as a crew cook aboard a River Tow Boat with a 10 man crew. This Corona Virus has that on hold for now. As I hold a Serve Safe & First Aid & CPR certificate, TWIX card (homeland security) and a Culinary Health Card from the county where I reside I was deemed qualified.

It has been my good fortune to have inherited numerous cooking tools & cook books dating back to the 19-teens when my oldest family members started house keeping.

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