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    ISO Cosmopolitan Recipe

    I have to go get some Cranberry Juice. I have all the other ingredients on hand, all the time. :) hee hee
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    ISO Cosmopolitan Recipe

    Questions: Do you all like Cosmopolitans better than other mixed drinks? How long have you been drinking them? Are you fans of Sex and the City? Are you going to see the movie? :)
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    Mulch Pile

    Thank you, Dave, for the excellent article! The Problem Next Door - I have been on both sides of the problem. I have neighbors who hate what I do and think it is unsightly, and I feel the same way about what they do! Very good advice.
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    What sauce goes with halibut?

    Cilantro Garlic Yogurt Sauce Recipe at cilantro yogurt sauce?
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    ISO your best pineapple upside-down cake

    Recipes - chicken recipes, vegetarian recipes, pasta recipes and more Australian recipes - see the picture with a world and a link of chain? click that and enter the address. :)
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    How many use Nukers & how

    My degree is in Agriculture, and I was surprised by this thread. Just a quick post with a couple of links. National Center for Home Food Preservation | NCHFP Publications Ask the Expert: Nutrition: Yale-New Haven Hospital Health Forums Slow Cooking and Microwaving Vegetables: VegetableExpert...
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    Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes!

    I'll give them a try with lowfat milk. Sounds good.
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    Quick And Easy Fried Potatoes Recipe

    mmmm.. That looks good. I like to just shred Yukon gold, press on them with a paper towel to get them dry. Spread in a thin layer on a lightly oiled very hot non stick pan. Fry until dark brown on one side, pepper and flip to fry other side. Turn only once. Really good with toppings or just...
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    What are the best wines for wine-tasting?

    We had a lot of fun tasting wines from the "bargain bin" at the local grocery store. We tried a white, a rose, a red and a sparkling. Just had crusty french bread, olive oil and grated parmesan cheese. It was impromptu, nothing fancy but we really enjoyed it.
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    Le Creuset cookware: why is it so pricey?

    I got my 2 as wedding presents 32 years ago. I use them all the time. The inside enamel is a little scratched, but I probably haven't been as careful as I could have been. I like the heaviness, I don't seem to scortch things as easily! I wouldn't make fudge or chocolate pudding in anything else.
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    Would like to make cherry frosting

    The cherry chips might make a pretty decoration on the buttercream if the melting doesn't work. I would test a little batch with the melted chips. Or melt the cherry chips and drizzle on top of the icing you usually make. I hope you tell us how it worked out.
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    Appetizer Spread for my B-day

    That looks so good, wish I had been there! Very nice looking. The menu is is nice touch, too. Belated Happy birthday to you and many more.
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    2 cookie questions

    I would use melted peanut butter chips or peanut butter coating chocolate. Several companies make them.
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    New cookie idea - will this work?

    body, texture and flavor It's pretty commonly used in more "hearty" after school snack type cookies
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    New cookie idea - will this work?

    Based on my oatmeal chip recipe from BH & G ½ cup butter, softened (mine calls for shortening) ½ cup white sugar ½ cup packed brown sugar 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 teaspoon baking powder (mine calls for 1/2 tsp. of soda INSTEAD) ½ teaspoon salt 1 ¾ cups all-purpose flour (mine calls for...
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