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    I will never buy store made macaroni salad again

    I won't buy it but for a different reason. It and potato salad are very close, but have a look at the ingredients. Grandma's, HFCS ? The mixes are just as bad. for cole slaw, there is nothing in their store boughten sauce that is part of cole slaw. I make my own. That is what we all should do...
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    Can you work a few days without sleep?

    Sleep and food. Doing them both at the same time actually makes it a bit easier. T (ETA; that was a LONG time ago)
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    Coke with no taste at all, could it have problem

    Sounds like maybe they were running out of syrup, or already had. T
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    Hello from Europe :)

    It is made from ham fat. in fact is cut into very small square and fried in a pan until they brown, then the grease comes out I believe it may have been a way to get lard. T
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    Off Topic? Computers

    I didn't know you could save the file. I got an XP box right here that has most of my stuff. I have had to type things in, get this - Some sites I might never use again, retired. T
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    Hey Pepperheads! Some new scorchers available...

    Dave's Insanity is rated 180,000 and these are up in the millions. We had the kid try Dave's on the end of a toothpick. He felt it for a week. A million ? Probably kill someone. T
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    Corn Canning Question.

    Doesn't explain how they get the WHOLE kernels. T
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    Help plan backyard bash

    I would go another direction - steaks. Most cook fast, they are easy. Then some potatoes, bed kinda, butter, sour cream, maybe some melted cheese and broc, which can also serve as a regular side. Another veggie is in order, and don't forget the salad. If you don't want steaks then brats and...
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    Off Topic? Computers

    So Firefox crashed, which it never did in XP and it "restored" itself and lost all my bookmarks. There were no options to save. So now I am rebuilding my bookmarks. Man I got some weird ones - - try remembering that one. And I had to find the one that does court checks on...
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    Corn Canning Question.

    What I want to know about commerially canneed corn is how thy get the whole kernels. T
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    The "what are you listening to now" thread

    If you knew me well enough you might hate me. Today I listened to Toby Keith, Alan Jackon, Gordon Lightfoot. You might hate my selections and if not people with good ears will hate my stereo. When you got some age on you it is better, it is tailored to my ars, after all it is my system. I...
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    Off Topic? Computers

    I am haggling on eBay over one. The price isn't so bad but the guy wants fifty bucks shipping. The 7 box here that is supposed to be able to take XP but won't is going to stay 7 and get a wifi card. Then it goes in the bedroom. This vista box (laptop) will stay in the basement. One nice...
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    Petty Vents

    Don't even tell me about it. When I went to work in Willowick, about 30 miles away, I got into the proper lane miles early. I sped, but I handled it. So I am in the proper lane and EVERY day it looks like there was a wreck. This is people changing lanes. See they have to slow down, then the...
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    Borderline Diabetes--diet changes?

    What, like the USDA, the people responsible for making this country number one in obesity, heart disease and diabetes ? No thanks. T
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    Borderline Diabetes--diet changes?

    You need chromium, there are some decent food sources; All Bran 100g 26 mcg Ham 100g 26 mcg Cheddar cheese 100g 24 mcg Corned beef 100g 20 mcg Wheatbran 100g 19 mcg Cod, smoked 100g 18 mcg Split peas, dried 100g 13 mcg Soybean flour 100g 17 mcg Pork sausage 100g 16 mcg Beef sausage...
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