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    What's for Dinner Tuesday the 11th?

    We had ham & bean soup plus cornbread.
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    What's the last movie you watched?

    We watched Exit Through the Gift Shop this past Saturday night.
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    Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    I have been making the Patti LaBelle mac & cheese recipe for years - it is baked with eggs like a custard. It gets rave reviews. Patti LaBelle's Mac and Cheese Recipe @ :: it's what's cooking online!
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    What's for Dinner Thursday December 24th

    I am making a from scratch Chicago deep dish pizza, plus I've already made a cookie and candy tray for Christmas.
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    Alton Brown book signing

    I think he is coming to Austin in the next week or so, but no I am not going to stand in line and fight the crowds for an autograph.
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    To freeze or not to freeze?

    You are welcome. It isn't going to be sunny today in Texas either. :wink:
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    Hello from Texas!

    Howdy neighbor - what part of Texas? I recently moved to Austin from Cincinnati Ohio. So far, I am loving Texas! Welcome to discuss cooking!
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    To freeze or not to freeze?

    Go for it. If the meat is encased in plastic, it is safe to freeze. You may wish to add another layer of plastic wrap for extra protection. I like to stick a label on stuff I put in the freezer and write the date, so I know how long it has been in there.
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    What's cooking Saturday October 10, 2009?

    I made a big batch of pesto today since basil was a steal at the farmers market this morning. Dinner tonight was bow tie pasta with pesto, chicken and tomatoes and I made a pumpkin & maple cream cheese bundt cake for dessert.
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    What are the most respectable grill brands?

    I had a Sears Kenmore gas grill that lasted 6 years but my next grill WILL be a Weber.
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    A big hello from Scotland...

    Welcome! I was lucky enough to travel to Scotland last year. Truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, wonderful friendly people and amazing food too! I wish I had picked up some Ginger Tam to bring home, no one sells it here.
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    What's for Dinner Monday, October 5th

    Oh Uncle Bob - your dinners always make me want to drive to Mississippi and track you down. I decided to make broiled salmon, roasted red potatoes, asparagus and leftover apple pie & ice cream for dessert.
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    "Gourmet Magazine" Closing!

    I used to get Gourmet for years but a couple of years ago, I gave it up because of the format changes they had made + the lack of every day recipes. It just stopped doing it for me. I gave up my Bon Appetite subscription also. I get other cooking magazines, but BA and Gourmet changed, and I...
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    What's for Dinner Monday, October 5th

    Nothing is jumping out at me but I might put together a King Ranch chicken casserole if I get to the store and pick up some tortillas.
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    What's cooking Sunday Oct. 4, 2009?

    I made stuffed green peppers and an apple struedel pie. The house smells great!
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