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    Gonna try something today

    Tasted pretty good. We finished leftovers for lunch with some leftover bean soup mixed in.
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    Marinated steak??

    I've battled with this question myself for year. First off, restaurants typically serve Prime grade beef, whereas grocery stores typically sell Choice. So your home cooked steak will not be as good. Then, a lot of restaurants cook steaks quickly at temperatures you probably cannot achieve at...
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    Gonna try something today

    As for spuds and biscuits, your reminder prompted a stop at the local grocery store. Who's gotta a good VA ham gravy formula? I like mine red/white.
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    Gonna try something today

    I'd give it a B-. The spuds, kraut and cured ham worked perfectly together. Ham provided all the salt necessary. Pork "ribs", in need o another day of brining and more salt, were on the dry side. But the pork lite (fresh) and pork stout (cured) combined nicely. As for over execution...
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    Gonna try something today

    Began as...
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    Gonna try something today

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    Dry meatloaf

    Meat needs salt inside (not outside) to retain moisture. Next time add a bit more salt, mix it in well, maybe also add an oz of water to the mix. Another suggestion, add fresh bread instead of bread crumbs. Lastly, place a pan of water in the over while it is cooking. These are just guesses.
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    Gonna try something today

    We cooked a big whole salt-cured Virginia ham :pig:, without company, and thus we have most of it still around waiting for ideas. Sure, you can use it for a variety of dishes, and we have already... russet potato wedges (with onions, cheddar and salsa), and mainstay red beans. So now I have...
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    Favourite Leg of Lamb recipe?

    Lamb is still grass fed. It remains in its original "food of the gods" states. I agree, basic. Brine, then long, slow, smoky roast first over wood if possible. Then you can season whatever way you like. Other than salt, seasoning before slow cooking is pretty much a waste. Season right...
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