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    Did anyone eat breakfast today?

    Frittata Veggie Microwave Frittata- good for health In a microwave-safe 1-quart casserole dish, combine potatoes, carrot, onion, parsley, and oil. Cover and microwave on HIGH for 3 minutes, stirring after 90 seconds. Add salt and pepper, if desired. In mixing bowl, combine eggs, egg...
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    Books to get inspired

    cook books when we had things from other source we should acknowledge it. Find some interesting cook books over here - Inspirational Cook Books | PLEASANT SPOT
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    Spicy Sugared Pumpkin Seeds

    Spicy Sugared Pumpkin Seeds 3 cups of pumpkin seeds lightly roasted pumpkin seeds (as above without any added salt) 1 ½ teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice 1 teaspoon Salt ½ cup Sugar 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil Mix the spice, sugar, and salt. Blend well. Heat olive oil in a large non stick skillet over...
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    Who here eats only Kosher?

    yes Yes, kosher beef is a good choice. There are more strict prohibitions involved. Kosher processors have never used downer cows. Kosher beef might be safer because the animals are killed by having their throats slit rather than by being shot or struck in the head, which can scatter brain...
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    Need Help With Rice Cooker Questions

    if you make more amount of rice buy 10cups else buy 5 cups
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    Freezing Veggie Lasagna?

    bake it first and then freeze it. not everyone likes this
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    Chicken Curry recipes

    add potatoes or yam to the curry it will be good
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    Recipes that can be made on a gas range..

    i am new to this can we submit our receipes here
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    ISO Fruit Cocktail cake

    the cocktail receipe is very good. my brother tried it. it was very good
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    White asparagus?

    deep fry them for the better results add salt and pepper
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    Butter vs. Margarine

    cookies are good better with butter
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    New here! :)

    hi welcome. does baking bookworm mean you cook seing books
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    Hi Everyone!

    welcome nikki. you can see only food around
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    Friends? you took one day to realize you like it. i liked it the moment i entered it
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    Is a vegan foodie okay with yall?

    good food is ok with me it doesnt matter if itis a vegan , veg or non veg
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    Happy Birthday Breezy Cooking

    happy birthday belated. sorry i am late
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    New here

    wow thats great, you may be very good cook. welcome
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    Newby coming to say 'Hi!'

    welcome. this is your home, feel free
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    Happy Birthday KAYLINDA

    belated b'day wishes.may all ur dreams come true
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    Young Blood

    welcome youcan learn lots about cooking and people's experience while cooking over here
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    you dont love food and cat at the same time,but cat loves you when you give food
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    What is your weather like right now?

    All sunny in here~!
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    Son Larry makes the news........

    yes, but i don't get whats the buzz about it ?
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    ISO Habanero Relish

    Habenero relish recipe?????? no idea, plz post it gere when u get it!
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    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    the lost symbol by dan brown
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