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    OMG I bought a Slap Chop

    To the OP, thanks for the equipment review on this. I have to admit that I've been tempted when I've seen it at Target. That freaky guy on TV makes it look so amazing. Watching that guy is like watching a train wreck for me. I'm fascinated by my fascination. So, back to my chef's knife...
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    What's for dinner Wednesday Jan 13th?

    Pork loin medallions with red currant sauce, polenta, Caesar salad. I pounded them to 1/2" last night and put the rub on them, then I'll just cook 'em up quick when I get off work. I do the polenta in the oven, so it's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.
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    What is your favorite convenience food shortcut?

    Rotisserie chickens picked up on the way home from work are nice and quick, and I'll also pick up the the pre-prepared scalloped potatoes and (are you sitting down?) the multi-colored jello with whipped cream in it. Yeah. I'll mix up frozen corn/lima beans for a succotash, and my family loves...
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    Pressure cookers again.

    I really like my Fagor electric. It has buttons for browning, high and low pressure, slow cooking, and rice cooking. It has helped me cook many wonderful meals. The cookbook that came with it is great, plus Lorna Sass's books, and Miss Vickie, of course. I don't have much counter space, but the...
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    New Year's Menus

    Yep, that's our menu, too. It's a tradition in my family. Happy New Year everybody!
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    What's for Dinner, Monday, Dec 7th?

    Breakfast for dinner: eggs, grits, sausage, whole wheat English muffins, and tangerine juice.
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    What are Your Favorite Herbs & Spices?

    Boy, I wouldn't want to cook without a large assortment. I love most of them, but reach for smoked chipotle powder, lemon pepper, and steak shake an awful lot. Oh, lavender salt and fresh basil get used a lot, Just for sheer smell, I like to cut twigs of my culinary grade rosemary and put it in...
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    Food Network 12 days of Cookies

    Yeah, I looked at that recipe too, then my thighs exploded. I've got low-fat biscotti in the oven right now. Not NEARLY as excited about those as I wold be about those above mentioned bars. Hmmmmm....
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    How to search for restaurants near the path of a road-trip?

    Any chance you can get your hands on a GPS? The prices are pretty low now. I love the Points of Interest button. It locates you, then you pick the category (shopping, gas, parks, restaurants, etc.) and it lists them for you, then gives you turn-by-turn to get there. This works best on larger...
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    Whats cooking Sunday August 2, 2009

    I'm having an Obama Chili Party. There was an article on about Obama's favorite foods and that he likes to cook chili. He gave his family recipe, so I'm trying it out. The only "different" ingredients from mine are turmeric in the spice blend, and red wine vinegar. He also uses fresh...
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    The great grilled cheese sammich controversy

    You guys are so lucky that you can do the butter! I have familial high cholesterol, so butter is out. I miss it so much because I believe that a good knob of butter makes EVERYTHING taste better and gives such great gloss and mouthfeel. Sigh. The Earth Balance, etc. products are okay, but...
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    Browning in slow cooker

    I have the Fagor 6-qt. electric cooker that is a low or high setting pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, and it browns. I LOVE this thing and use it once or twice a week.
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    What's for Dinner Thursday July 2nd??

    I'm making my way through the new Weight Watcher's cookbook. So far, so good. Tonight we're having marinated steak and pepper wraps. The marinade is Asian flavored and the wraps are non-fat flour tortillas. I made a coleslaw with rice vinegar, mirin, and a little toasted sesame oil with cilantro...
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    Jon Gosselin Spoof

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    Bye For Awhile--We Will Miss You!

    Take good care of yourselves.
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    Our New Grandson

    Wecome to the world, Little Man Thomas!
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    I'm a grandma again. Yeah, hooray!

    Awwww, congratulations on your new granddaughter! My 7-month old granddaughter is the light of our lives. Have fun!! She's not going to be spoiled, is she???
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    Do you watch your weight when you cook all this lovely stuff?

    Rather than not eat what I make, I've lightened them up, use more whole grains, etc. If I'm agonna bake it, I'm agonna eat it. I even make rice krispy treats with toasted pumpkin seeds, apple juice-sweetened dried cranberries, organic brown rice cereal, and soy marshmallow fluff. I throw in a...
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    ISO Rice cooker recipes

    My daughter loves this one: replace at least half of the water with orange juice (my recipe says all OJ, but it was a bit too much for me), 1 TBS ground coriander, and cook. When done, fold in mandarin oranges and top with thinly sliced scallions and toasted sesame seeds. We have that with tilapia.
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    I'm Getting A Little Annoyed With Giada

    Was Nigella's show on before Giada's? I seem to remember close-ups of her food prep (and lot of finger licking).
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    Best potato salad recipe?

    My family loves this one, and I stole it from Emeril Lagasse's website: Emeril’s Potato salad: 6 eggs 3# new potatoes ½ lb. bacon, cut in small pieces ¾ C mayonnaise ¼ C Creole or whole grain mustard 3 TBS fresh lemon juice 1 ts hot sauce ¾ C finely chopped red onions ½ C green onions-green...
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    I bought raw sunflower seeds, oops!

    I like the sweetness of them raw. I bake them into bread; I also throw them into coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, purple cabbage, parsely) with poppyseed dressing.
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    Whats for Dinner Sat May 16th?

    Oh my GOODNESS! Yummm. And what kind of cheese? I'm living vicariously a gal out. I'll be doing street food tonight at our Rock the Block fundraiser for our local schools. It's a huge street fair with great music and lots of the locals come back for it. I'll be there with my kids...
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    What the best way to shuck pea pods?

    Get a big bowl. Set the peas beside it. Round up the kids/grandkids. Tell 'em no dinner until the peas are shelled. Works every time.
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    Dinner May 14th

    Saffron risotto with leeks and fresh mozzarella, salad, homemade french bread. With the electric multi-cooker, the risotto takes 6 minutes and no stirring. And it's GOOD. It's a miracle, that's what it is. That multi-cooker is very close to taking top billing in my kitchen, even over the...
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