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  1. gadzooks

    Foolish question

    OK, here I go...I have a stand mixer, Hobart N50. Have a lot of doodads for it, and use most of them regularly. I am considering a stainless steel dough hook. It is about twice the weight of the aluminum dough hook, and I am wondering if the added weight would mean added wear to the mixer, and...
  2. gadzooks

    Vitamix question

    Hi, just a quick question. Is anybody here using the stainless steel Waring commercial blender container on their Vitamix, and you opinion. Thanks!
  3. gadzooks

    Kitchen Aid/Hobart N50 accessory question

    Hi, all! I have a question...I have a Hobart N50 mixer, and am considering a Kitchen Aid bowl lift ice cream maker for it. I know the bowl will fit, and the dasher assembly will mount to the drive shaft, but I don't know if the dasher will be long enough to reach the bottom of the bowl. I think...
  4. gadzooks

    Vita Mix question

    Hi, everybody! I have a question...I have a Vita Mix 5000, with 64 oz. container, and have seen a 48 oz. square container, looks like a Blendtec container. I have read that this square configuration creates a vortex that pulls ingredients downward into the blades and requires no pusher, or...
  5. gadzooks

    Carbon Steel Griddle Spatula/Turner???

    I volunteer at the homeless shelter at a local church. I'm the overnight host, and several years ago I started getting up early and cooking breakfast for our guests. The church kitchen has big, old American range, 6 burner with a big griddle, and the griddle is what I cook on. There are some...
  6. gadzooks

    Odd email

    I got the following email re: response to a subscribed thread, from an apparently non-existent user, a link to a non-existent post, and would like to know what the heck is going on. Dear gadzooks, stavgr has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Community Downtime this...
  7. gadzooks

    My friend, Alexandra, has a dog named Willie

    He's a Welsh Corgi, and is crippled by an inoperable tumor, but is a very going kind of guy, so I did some looking around. Bought a used baby jogger from a thrift store for $5, and went to work on it. We now have Willie's fitting tomorrow morning.
  8. gadzooks

    Copper candy/jam pot

    I have a copper pot...heavy, and made like a whisking bowl, round bottom and steep sides, with a handle like a cookpot. I was told it is for making candy and jellies/jams. Is that so? And what would the advantages of that pot be?
  9. gadzooks

    All things coffee

    I have a FreshRoast 8+ that I found on CraigsList for $20, I think, and a recently scored Caffe Rosto, found in a thrift store for $4. Both are good, both are no longer made. They do small batches, which is good, because I like to blend roasts for a more complex flavor, and only roast 3 days...
  10. gadzooks

    Question about Revere Ware cookware

    Paul Revere cookware. I am familiar with the standard copper-bottom stuff, and with Paul Revere Limited Edition all-copper-clad, with brass handles. What I have come across is Paul Revere none of the above. It is heavy stainless inside and heavy polished stainless outside, with a layer of copper...
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