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  1. froggythefrog

    Eat or Toss?

    Yeah, around here in low humidity, it probably would have spent a couple of hours at an equilibrium, but corned beef is also a preserved meat which I would not think would be quick to grow dangerous bacteria. (Tons of salt, amongst other things.)
  2. froggythefrog

    Eat or Toss?

    I honestly think that it would be okay to keep and eat.
  3. froggythefrog

    Using a paving stone as a pizza/baking stone

    He mentions a "quarry tile", which I suspect is not just any pavement stone, but a specific type. With pavement stones, there's risk of lead and radon, so you do have to be careful -- they don't have food safety in mind when they manufacture them.
  4. froggythefrog

    I need different variations of Taco filling

    Both of those sound yummy, Larry. :)
  5. froggythefrog

    I need different variations of Taco filling

    I've heard of nopalitos, huitlacoche, calabacitas, and sauteed lambsquarters all being used as taco fillings.
  6. froggythefrog

    Buttermilk powder instead of skim milk powder?

    Do you like buttermilk a lot? I have a feeling you would really get a taste difference in a dish where it's a main ingredient like gulab jamon.
  7. froggythefrog

    Tofu.....what to do?

    Walmart carries Melissa's brand tofu in their produce section with the openly refrigerated items (like bags of lettuce, etc.). I am not crazy about the Melissa's brand, but it should be better if you press it. ok, all together now!: How to Press Tofu in Five Easy Steps.
  8. froggythefrog

    Tofu.....what to do?

    Schoolgirl: It's generally very cheap. You can get for as little as $1.50 per pound in some places. I imagine a lot of this has to do with where you are, though.
  9. froggythefrog

    Emergency egg substitute.

    Not so much for nuts. Flax and chia seeds both have a substance that gels with water. I wouldn't heat the mixture on a skillet personally. Flax has omega-3's which actually break down and become trans-fats with too much heat. It's a safe mixture to use for baking though. But yeah, you...
  10. froggythefrog

    Ginger Beer - help

    All I can say is good luck. I love ginger beer!
  11. froggythefrog

    Want To Make Soup.

    Interesting! I stand corrected then.
  12. froggythefrog

    Is Agave Nectar Worse Than You Thought?

    I've suspected that's the case for quite a while. I use it for tea with friends, but that's about it.
  13. froggythefrog

    Am I turning into a vegetarian?

    When I looked in my email (which does not show the images), how did I know that was just going to be so wrong?
  14. froggythefrog

    Want To Make Soup.

    Gumbo without okra? :ohmy: ("Gumbo" is Creole for "okra".) Gotta add okra, then add red bell peppers, which with the onions and celery, make the cajun trinity of veggies... then you've got yourself a gumbo for sure!
  15. froggythefrog

    Am I turning into a vegetarian?

    GB.... Could be your body telling you something. ;) While I would be tempted to celebrate an aversion to meat in anyone, I would say you might want to bone up on your zinc and see if it does not look more appetizing again. Then ummmmm... become vegetarian. :D
  16. froggythefrog

    Having trouble with some yeast (insert bad joke here)

    Selkie: I found your post educational, as I knew the foam part was good, and this usually happened for me in as short as a minute's time. For some reason, I always figured at this step that my yeast would get "used up" if I did not rush to use it. As a result, my cinnamon rolls have been...
  17. froggythefrog

    Vegetarian challenge?

    Charlie: That's really cool... I love the idea of cooking with restrictions but have a feeling I would find myself quite challenged over an 8 day period with these restrictions. Another suggestion would be stuffed peppers (any vegetable you can hollow out such eggplant or squash). You...
  18. froggythefrog


    Of course, you can put marinara sauce on it after cutting it into wheels and frying or baking it, and that's good all by itself. You can have it with breakfast, much like you would have grits, but fry it or bake it once again and pour gravy on it and have it with your other savory breakfast...
  19. froggythefrog

    My favorite Peanut Cookies

    For a very short time, I would post recipes on a recipes site and the thing that made me sad is people would give my recipes very high ratings right away, which made me feel like they must not have actually tried it. (And I honestly doubted I made 5 star recipes every time.) However, this is...
  20. froggythefrog

    What type of bread would go good with mussels in a curry cream sauce?

    Chapatis for sure. I suspect naan would not cool much down (it tends to be drenched with ghee) but it would go really yummily too.
  21. froggythefrog

    What is a "Foodie?"

    As a kid, my Mom only ever kept Miracle Whip on hand so I thought I hated mayonnaise. on occasion, I would go to other people's houses and wonder why the mayonnaise tasted so much better there. I hate Miracle Whip! Fries + mayonnaise = yum For grilled cheese (when I ate it), I would only use...
  22. froggythefrog

    Vegetarian challenge?

    Just curious: What did you do last year? Why do you have these particular restrictions? Is this an actual contest?
  23. froggythefrog

    Terrible yellow (summer) squash experience last night!

    Gourds.... They don't look like yellow crookneck squash usually, though.
  24. froggythefrog

    Is a vegan foodie okay with yall?

    Oh yes! That's the exact idea I have with lentil loaf. My girlfriend's lentil loaf does not use bulgur but makes use of bread crumbs (much like you would use crackers in a regular meat meatloaf) to hold everything together. I've bought some bulgur and thought I would try using bulgur in...
  25. froggythefrog

    Vegetarian challenge?

    Okay, I reread and came up with a similar idea to my last one with some adjustments. Pour a cup or two of wine into a sauce pan, juice your fruits, add the juice along with sugar and reduce to a thick syrup. Take all culinary vegetables (ie., zucchini and tomatoes are botanical fruits, yet...
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