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  1. masteraznchefjr

    Savory Banana Dishes?

    I was wondering what is a savory dish that has bananas in it?
  2. masteraznchefjr

    Late night meals?

    What's your best go-to late night snack/meals? For me it's shin ramen cooked in chicken stock, bok choy, fish cakes, and egg.
  3. masteraznchefjr

    Macaron help!

    I've been having problems making coffee macarons recently. My chocolate macarons and lemon macarons come out right, but my coffee ones always have a crack in the shells or are deflated. I am using about 1 tbs of instant coffee. Do you think the caffeine or additives in the instant coffee might...
  4. masteraznchefjr

    Andddd I'm back!

    After being MIA for awhile, what a great way to procrastinate instead of studying for finals xD.
  5. masteraznchefjr

    Help! Bitter Taste and Hard Steamed buns

    Hello everyone! I need help! I've gone through 5lbs of flour and still haven't gotten any good results. The steamed buns have a hard texture and has a bitter taste. Basically it is about the same process as making bread but instead of baking I steam it. Here's the ingredients 500 g Bread...
  6. masteraznchefjr

    Cooking for 70 for under $70 help

    Hello, So ... the service club that I am in is going to serve a transitional house dinner. There will be about 70 people there. We would need to serve main course, dessert, and drink. Any ideas? I would like to stray away from our usual tomato sauce and spaghetti with salad. Main course has...
  7. masteraznchefjr

    Any bloggers?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone blogs here? I would like to increase my google reader list ^_^
  8. masteraznchefjr

    What to do with saffron?

    I got about 1 small bag of saffron for free because my friend didn't know what to do with it ^_^. Now I don't know what to do with it haha.
  9. masteraznchefjr

    Wasabi Noodles

    I was thinking about making wasabi egg noodles. I have wasabi powder. Any idea of how much to put into 1 lb of pasta dough? On another thought. What will go good with this type of noodle? I was thinking of salmon that has a soy glaze and some sweet ginger or maybe a miso cream sauce? xD...
  10. masteraznchefjr

    Mahi Mahi?

    I have the following ingredients ... Mahi Mahi Peanuts Almonds Oranges Eggs What can I do with them for something light? Any type of sauce I can make with this? I already made an almond orange glaze sauce before... I need something different ^_^. Let creativity run wild!
  11. masteraznchefjr

    Happy Pi Day!

    It's Pi day and also time warp day for Americans with daylight savings... What is everyone's favorite pie? Got any good recipes for pie?
  12. masteraznchefjr

    What does everyone do for a living?

    I was just wondering what everyone does for a living. I am a student and part time IT consultant.
  13. masteraznchefjr

    Food for finals?

    Rawr >< so final exams are coming up and I do not want to be like a typical engineering student eating cup o noodles and do not want to spend a lot of money eating out because los angeles food is expensive. Any ideas of what I can make quickly during the weekend in bulk that can last me until...
  14. masteraznchefjr

    Powdered gelatin vs sheet gelatin

    Hello, I was wondering if there was any difference between using powdered gelatin versus sheet gelatin for making panna cotta? What would be the measured equivalent for sheet gelatin for powdered? Thanks!
  15. masteraznchefjr

    Bake corn dog?

    Hello, has anyone ever baked a corn dog before when making it from scratch? How would one do that?
  16. masteraznchefjr

    How would you prepare shark?

    I bought some shark meat and need some tips on cooking it. When I cook it, it turns into overcooked tuna texture. Any idea of how to make this very tender and soft?
  17. masteraznchefjr

    Quick Midnight Study Snack?

    I don't know if anyone is awake at the moment in the America's region, but I have the munchies at 3:23 AM and would like a quick easy midnight study snack ^_^. and rawr homework!
  18. masteraznchefjr

    Beer Cake Help

    It's my friend's 21st birthday tomorrow, and I had a brilliant idea of making chocolate beer cake. I was wondering if anyone has ever made this before and what does it taste like. I would also like some baking tips and recipes. Thanks!
  19. masteraznchefjr

    Chicken, coconut milk etc.

    Here's another challenge, Chicken cubes, coconut milk, kiwi, condensed milk, mushrooms. Use all the ingredients in an appetizer.
  20. masteraznchefjr

    Puff Pastry Tips?

    Hello everyone, I really suck at making puff pastry. It never turns out flaky and ends up like, I dunno ... similar to a tart. I use equal parts of flour and butter by weight, but for water and salt quantity, I can never get it right. For my recipe. I use 250g water and butter and it calls...
  21. masteraznchefjr

    White asparagus?

    So... white asparagus was on sale along with green asparagus, what could I do with both of them?
  22. masteraznchefjr

    Here's a challenge...

    So I've been thinking. Create an entree that has to use wasabi, vanilla ice cream, salmon, and almonds. I want to know what you guys would do with these ingredients.
  23. masteraznchefjr


    So.. I am thinking about investing in a D-SLR camera to take pictures of food and close up stuff. Any recommendations under $600. I know the lens I want costs about $300, 50mm f/1.4. Now I just need an appropriate body that's reasonably priced. Thanks!
  24. masteraznchefjr

    Any college students here?

    I was wondering if there are any fellow college students on this forum?
  25. masteraznchefjr

    Scallops help!

    Hello guys, I plan on making scallops over the weekend. I was wondering how I can properly choose scallops, proper storage, and properly cook them without undercooking or overcooking them. Being a poor college student ... I can't mess this one up or else there will be no dinner : (.
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