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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
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    Dinner Sunday 18th November

    After working and extremely long day yesterday I am looking for something simple
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    SOS, ISO salmon serving advice.

    Cooking the fish en papillote (method of steaming by wrapping in parchment papper or even foil) is a great idea especially for keep the fish moist. The only thing is it tends to overcook if you don't release the steam when its done. It is a great method though
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    Pancit Bihon

    Virtually every region of the Philippines have their own version.
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    I use mandolins both at work and at home. A japanese for fine work and the traditional mainly for slicing (making dauphinoise) , julienne, and batonet cuts. At work its a life saver because of the volume for example just to julienne carrots my cooks peel and cut 40 lb per day. Just remember they...
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    Pumpkin Bread Fail

    If you need to keep cooking them you can always put a loose foil tent over the top to prevent them from over browning. By then most of the steam will have been released so it won't become soggy
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    Welcome to DC I feel like a newbie myself. I could not believe its been since I longed on to DC. Hope everyone is well:chef:
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    ISO advice for gift for inexperienced cook - HA or SS

    What to Buy... Welcome to DC. I am not a fan of buying cookware from Costco, but I do shop there on occasion. Bottom line is I were buying cookware for an inexperienced cook I would buy something in a non-stick form. I don't use non-stick, but if somebody is just learning how to cook than...
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    Today's Dinner! Sat Oct 29th

    Off tonight after a busy week at the restaurant. I think it may be time to visit another restaurant and try not to critique the food or sevice too badley. ~¿ô
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    Bbq - always more to learn

    Love BBQ - As a matter of fact we just enjoyed another event here in Kansas City over the weekend, a little BBQ competition we like to call the "American Royal". Had around 500 teams again this year.
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    Which celebrity chef do you dislike?

    Jusnikki, Once you meet him you might change your opinion of him. It's a little different working an event with him.
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    Cooking influence and style

    My Mother was called up early and so I learned the basics from my Father who had been a Navy Cook.
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    Which celebrity chef do you dislike?

    I know what I wrote about my feelings of Mr. Bobby Flay, but in reading earlier discussions I really have to agree with CharlieD my final decision on the vote would be...drum roll please... Ms. Ina Garten ... yikes
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    Which celebrity chef do you dislike?

    How can I say this without getting booed off DC. Well here it goes... The Chef that I like the least on television would have to be Mr. Bobby Flay...Before I get slammed, this is how I see it. First I want to say he is a Chef by all rights and his shows are for entertainment purposes...I get...
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    Favorite Item from Trader Joe's?

    We now have two Trader Joes stores locally in the Kansas Cit area and its a great place for Foodies to shop
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    Favorite Item from Trader Joe's?

    Have never been to a Trader Joes, but as luck would have it they are opening two stores locally in the next couple of months. Have been to Balduccis in NYC and Dean and Delucas, but looking forward to this grand opening.
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    French fries not so crisp

    Pacanis, Brings up a great point. This method is exactly what some restaurant do to get that extra crispy french fry. Frying them, allowing them to rest and then frying them a second time. Just be sure to let the oil come back up to temp before frying them a second time.
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    Do you have a taste for Filipino food?

    Filipino food really is a special treat. I have heard many Chefs make the false assumption that it is strictly taking dishes from other cuisines and making them their own, but to that I say you may have never really enjoyed true filipino cuisine. I am a professional Chef and my wife is from the...
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    Hello, my name is.....

    Guzzi, Welcome to the Discuss Cooking site. I think you will find that a number of people on this site can answer many of your questions, again welcome aboard.
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    Hi from Australia

    Welcome Bronnie
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    I'm looking to evolve to the next plane. Anyone made the journey?

    We don't do it in my restaurant, but I enjoy working with it on a research and development level. Books to read: Hevre This has a couple out on the subject, Adria Ferran from El Bulli Spain is hot (I know El Builli is closed right now, but it will re-open), and of course Grant Achatz from...
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    West Texan, Welcome to DC Glad to see that that you enjoy grilling and barbecuing Again welcome aboard
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    Something Special

    Line a tart pan with a graham cracker crumb mixture, bake and allow to chill. Brush that shell with melted white chocolate, fill with a vanilla custard/pudding. Top with sliced fresh strawberries, kiwi and some blueberries. Brush with a peach glaze and chill until service. Using a regular size...
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    Food Art

    If its fruit and vegetable carving I suggest looking up Chef Ray awesome work. ô¿~
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    How do like your eggs?

    Poached in a little bit of sherry vinegar and kosher salt, of course layed over a couple of slices of buttered toast. Yum ô¿~
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