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  1. LVDeb

    Our First Visitor!

    After tinting the windows, a week of having the window bird feeder, and tossing feed out onto the driveway, one brave little sparrow took a chance and found all the noms! You can watch the video here. Other than that, been soaking up info on aquaponics. Got the fish tank supplies coming this...
  2. LVDeb

    Indoor Home Garden

    So...for a few years now we've been "wishlisting" the greenhouse we'd like to turn our back room/porch into. Don't want to do the whole glass walls thing, but we do want to do raised beds and some kind of self-sustaining hydroponic system (The Man wants to use fish). I keep telling him...
  3. LVDeb

    Second Breakfast

    I would agree with this.
  4. LVDeb

    What's Your Favorite Way of Storing/Organizing Recipes?

    Lately, I've been taking screen shots or downloading PDFs and I'd like to have a physical way of storing them. Haven't decided on that system yet. What do you all do/use?
  5. LVDeb

    Modern Mugs & Marvels Ceramic Dishware

    It's a plate! It's a bowl! It was on sale! So pretty I couldn't resist. Review to follow after they've arrived.
  6. LVDeb

    What's Your Favorite Fresh Salmon Recipe?

    Got a big o'l slab of salmon in the freezer. Usually I glaze it with maple syrup, bake it and serve w/wild rice. What's your favorite? I'm up for trying something new.
  7. LVDeb

    Greens for Stir Fry

    Neither one of us are big veggie eaters, so I do what I can to mix them in with stews or pasta dishes, etc. In this case, it was a shrimp teriyaki stir fry. All the usual suspects showed up; carrots, green onions, mushrooms, orange and yellow bell peppers, and...broccoli. Didn't use much, just...
  8. LVDeb

    Look At the PEPPER!

    Ok, just a "taste" of what life is like here. The Man and I were discussing peppers. Specifically, Mexican peppers. Him: "There's one of 'em that's flat...not too spicy at all..." Me: "Poblano." H: "Yeah. Kinda flat, green..." M: "Pob-bla-no. I just told you." H: "I know, I know...but...I can't...
  9. LVDeb

    Greetings From Fabulous Las Vegas

    Went searching for info on mincing and storing ginger. Got quite the helpful education. Decided to stay. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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