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    Carbonara, recipe from Rome, Italy

    Welcome ragno nero cuocet! What does that mean, by the way. Ragno nero could mean a "black widow" spider which is very common in my area, and coucet -- cook? This is a splendid recipe. Here in the US, we take excellent regional recipes like yours and use substitutes until they are...
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    What's the texture of quiche supposed to be like?

    I don't think that you mentioned the time/temp for your quiche. I assume that you cooked it in a pre-blind baked shell. For a 9" pan, 350 F for 35 mins works well for me, but I test it with a tooth pick to be sure. Cheers.
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    Looking for these beer glasses

    The Samuel Adams glass looks very nice, but I am a whiskey drinker, so I need something a little larger.
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    Word Association Game

    Politician Cheers
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    Word Association Game

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    Calling All Honey Lovers

    Interesting to see this thread resurface. So far as I can tell it is based on an article in the Food Safety News, "Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey", from 110711. I remember it because I used it in a rhetoric exercise with BGD, entitled, "how to mislead while telling the truth". The...
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    Reusing Canning Lids

    [/B] I have to take responsibility for Diana's citation of her book on Post #7 since I had believed and implied (Post #5) that it was not yet published. The book, which is available on Amazon, is published by a "niche" but not "vanity" publisher with the cute name of Echinodorus Publishing...
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    Blending Food

    If you don't have a food processor, you might want to try a pestle and mortar, which is what a lot of folk use for making shrimp paste. Otherwise, it's back to the blender, but if you need extra fluid, try oil or melted butter, not water. Cheers
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    Knife or Food Processor?

    I'm a pretty keen FP user. For example, I can grate then chop several large potatoes in less time and with less effort than with a grater, and that includes cleaning the FP. I keep my knives sharp but have never had great knife skills, so the FP is a blessing. I must say, though, that I can make...
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    Help!!! Need ideas

    Perhaps he doesn't like to be treated like a baby. Do him the courtesy of letting him do what you do, choosing what he does or does not want to eat. Vegetables are a healthy part of our diet, but the diets of some peoples, like the Inuit or Zulu, show that they are not irreplaceable. Perhaps, if...
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    Reusing Canning Lids

    Ah, thanks for telling us the name of yr book. I looked, when you made yr first post, and had no luck. I see that you are also the inventor of the "Walstad method", and while that may not cause much excitement on this forum, any method that obviates the need for those irritating CO2 cylinders...
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    Reusing Canning Lids

    +1 But you go further than that, Diana, and tacitly advocate that everyone who reads your posts and, I assume, reads your book when it comes out, to do the same (otherwise, why post?). Remember that many folks will take your advice as carte blanche to simply go on reusing lids regardless, and...
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    How do you do your chicken?

    Another nice way to cook a fowl is "sticky chicken". Spice the bird inside and out, fill the cavity with a peeled whole onion and leave it overnight in the fridge. Cook it in a 250 F oven for 4-5 hours and presto!, just like the birds off the rotisserie in the supermarket. Cheers
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    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, * Happy New Year

    Yes indeed! Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    Dinner, Christmas Eve, 24th December

    Wake up, CWS! :P Kylie already posted on that thread! You can never have too many Christmas threads, and this is part of her daily menus!
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    I don't like cooking and I don't know where to start

    "I'm vegetarian. I can make pretty much only make mashed potatoes and, perhaps bizarrely, punjabi chole. I've made it a bunch of times using a recipe and a seasoning packet." Nothing bizarre about punjabi chole! It also goes by the name of "chana masala", "chana" meaning chickpeas, as you know...
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    Unsure - re: "roast"

    Yeah. The truism "whatever works, works" applies here. I often roast a chicken mounted vertically on one of those tripod thingies with its (the tripod's!) feet in water for the reason that you both mention, but I still call it roast , rather than braised chicken, and it retains that...
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    Cooking a 15-lb turkey in foil

    Go for it and let us know how it goes! I'm a fairly old man too. Isn't it great?! Cheers
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    Healthiest Butter for Cooking?

    Oh, you are certainly right, and the holy books of the three major religion agree with you. In the Torah and Old Testament, Yahweh/God lead the Israelites to a land "flowing with milk and honey" and in Holy Quran, Chap 47. Paradise is described as having "rivers of milk of which the taste never...
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    Who's Trying to Lose Weight?

    Shame on you non-compliant ladies!:P I am not non compliant, I am just not seeing a doctor. I have not been to the doctor in 25 years, probably longer. I do not recommend this approach to anyone, but it has worked out fine for me, - partly because I don't smoke, drink little, exercise daily...
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    E-Reader Cookbooks for Kindle and Nook

    Go CWS! Go purple shoes! Best of luck! Cheers
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    Cooking a 15-lb turkey in foil

    You're doing fine, LS, though I am surprised that you found this somewhat unconventional method rather than the more usual ones mentioned above. Did it come out of a Google search? The kid and I used this method two Xmases ago, after she read about it on a university site, I think. At this...
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    Unsure - re: "roast"

    Thanks for an interesting topic, mumu. "Roast" is not the only cooking term that inspires ambiguity. A tagine, for example, can be either the the North African cooking vessel or the dish that is cooked in it, and a "dish", of course can be the vessel in which a meal is served or cooked or the...
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    How soft drinks affect your health

    Is Stevia approved by the federal authorities in South Africa, Snip? It does not have FDA approval in the U.S. Poor FDA! One bunch of folks without any background in science is sure that the FDA is lax in approving Teflon, while another group accuses the FDA of being part of a "conspiracy" to...
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    Chicken Livers Vin Santo

    Sounds good. I see that you broke two different major religious dietary laws at once, though. Kehakte leber ( ashamed that my old brain can't remember the Hebrew for chicken liver, right now, but everyone knows the Yiddish:P) with prosciutto is Traif and Kibra firekh (Arabic) with wine is Haram...
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