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    Anyone personally knew Ray Liotta?

    One of my favourite actors. Sad to hear he is gone. I don't know what kind of a man he was, but I loved many of the characters he portrayed. Has anyone known him personally? Friends? Just asking.
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    My new website

    Seeing Luckytrim's quizzes I designed a food related quiz website(I actually told him when I installed the site layout long ago :smile:). It's still not published. I would appreciate if the good folks of the DC realm would check it out and comment here so that I can modify it before going...
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    Self checkout and express checkout at Costco

    This may be a strange question but here's the question: What's the difference between express checkout and self checkout at Costco? I was talking to a friend who is a supermarket manager and he was telling me about checkouts at Costco. (He has been to USA and talks a lot about his shopping...
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    User cp shows "page not available" on mobile

    When I click the user cp button on the mobile phone it says page not available. Can you please check it. Thanks.
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    Can you identify these?

    I'm not sure if this is the right section but here are some photos from my garden. Can you identify what's in them? :smile: No prizes for correct answers though. :lol: 1. 2. 3.
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    Photo Resizing

    Some tips about software that can resize your photos :D You can set the frame size on your mobile phone camera itself by going in to the settings Or you can use FastStone photo resizer which is an open source photo editor totally free and no forced marketing etc. Download from the above site...
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    A popular Sri Lankan version of submarine

    This video was done by one of my friends. This is the most popular kind of submarine in Sri Lanka. The recipe runs with the video at the bottom left corner. :yum: Sorry there's no icon to insert a YouTube video.
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    Anyone to write food related quizzes?

    Inspired by Luckytrim, I have designed a website for quizzes. Still in the setting up stage but soon it will be online. I would welcome it if anyone would write food related trivia quizzes to be published in it. I have designed a lot of quizzes but maybe some new ones would give it a better...
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    My new website

    I started a new website aimed at re-shipping small parcels to Sri Lanka. A friend promised me that he will re-route them from the UK. So I started the website. Once the site got online he started asking, "so what's your end target here, after 2 years?" and "You better do this this way..." and...
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    Some photos if you can donate

    I would be much thankful if someone could give me some photos of different vegetables, vegetable baskets, and vegetable collections etc. They are for a website I am building for myself, and therefore I cannot use downloaded stuff that violate copy rights. So I thought I could find someone...
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    Anyone playing online mobile games?

    I play Clash of Clans and a few other mobile games. Anyone else into mobile games?:smile:
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    Anyone working on their own websites?

    Not sure if I'm permitted to ask this in the forum. Is there anyone with their own website? I have mine, not a big hit, just a small blog. :yum:
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    New member here

    Hello everyone, I'm from Sri Lanka a small island nation, and I'm not a chef but am interested in food. :smile: Hope to learn a lot, and share any knowledge I may have (I doubt that, lol) Excited to be here.
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