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    Recipe for bacon bubbles for dogs? Pls help

    Hi! Do you have a recipe for making bacon-flavored bubble solution for dogs? I saw some dogs having great fun chasing and biting bacon-flavored bubbles on the show "It's Me or the Dog." Thanks for your help!
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    Please share your chocolate pudding recipe

    Do you have a chocolate pudding you love for which you would share the recipe? With all this snow, I've had a longing for warm, creamy chocolate pudding. The best recipe I have found online is at Here are the ingredients. 6 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 1/2...
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    Left over turkey dressing for breakfast

    I heard about this dish last year and was excited to try it. You take left over bread stuffing / dressing from Thanksgiving (or another holiday) and lightly press some into a waffle iron. While the "waffle" is warming and getting lightly golden brown and a touch crispy, poach an egg or two. I...
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    Mushroom gravy for Thanksgiving

    Someone gave me a big bag of trumpet mushrooms so I made the gravy for Thanksgiving dinner today and froze it. First I cooked a few pieces of bacon, leaving the fat in the pan. (Had the bacon for lunch.) Then carmelized chopped onion in the fat. Then added chopped mushrooms and cooked until...
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    Tapioca pudding - help please

    I made tapioca pudding from the box, following the directions but used almond milk instead of dairy milk. I've made this a few times with the same disappointing results: the pudding just doesn't set up nicely. The tapioca pearls stay small, even if I soak them longer. I tried boiling a few...
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    Which cheese for grilled lobster sandwiches?

    I just saw a picture of a platter of small lobster sandwiches. They looked yummy! What kind of cheese would you use? And what kind of mayonnaise / dressing?
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    Chocolate almond tea cake

    I posted this recipe in another section and was asked to post it here. I'm flattered to be asked so here you go - Chocolate almond tea cake w/ Grand Marnier frosting and mandarin oranges Tea cake 1.5 c almond flour 1/2 c cocoa, unsweetened 2 t flour 1/2 t baking powder 3 eggs, room temp 3/4...
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    Split pea soup for leftover Easter ham & bone

    Ham is nicely priced this time of year so I made this split pea soup last week. Warm and filling during cool spring weather. Split pea soup - slow cooker Start 2 - 3 days before serving 1 cooked ham, bone in 1 can low sodium chicken broth 1 med onion 2 - 3 med carrots 1 - 2 ribs celery 1/2 t...
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    Ideas, pls. Non-grain base for spreads. Appetizers

    Hi, All I have some great appetizer spread and dip recipes for which I am seeking bases that contain no grains. This is worse than no gluten. This means no rice, corn, wheat, and all the other grains. No polenta slices, tortilla chips, etc. Jicama slices could work for some. But I'm...
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    Book club: make something from cookbook and bring to discussion at library

    My local library just started a cookbook "book club" which will launch in March. Each month has a theme. March is French Cooking, April is Paleo, May is Savory Baking. We are to borrow a cookbook for the appropriate topic, make a recipe from it, and bring this dish to the discussion. I'm...
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    Mix of slow cooker with roasted fresh veggies & beef

    A couple of months ago, I made a slow cooker recipe with beef, bacon, cognac, beef bone broth, caramelized carrots & onions, rosemary, etc. Recipe told me to cook it in a slow cooker on low for 6 hours. Turned out, 4 hours would have been plenty. Everything was dead and done. Flavour was...
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    Quiche & Frittata ideas for budget main dishes

    Below is my list of ideas / ingredients for frittatas and quiche fillings. Eggs are a great and inexpensive source of protein. When I add cheese, it is usually a modest amount for flavour. Leek, gorgonzola 2-3 medium leeks or 4-5 small, chopped or thinly sliced. Saute 3 - 4 min 4-6 oz...
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