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    Difference in regular or bread machine mixes

    I am having a hard time finding any gluten free bread machine ready mixes locally. I can find "regular" ones for the oven. What is the actual difference, and can I use a regular one in the machine. It's Bob's Red Mill brand
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    I know some of you will appreciate this.

    My wife is on Covid quarantine in the back/master bedroom. So I am on cooking duty. We also are on quarantine, so do an every few days shopping pick up. And the last list was lots of snacks and I neglected the actual dinner stuff. Tonight I am scrounging the pantry. I'm doing a simple meat...
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    Air frying frozen corn dogs..

    Epically good. Spectacularly good. Life changing good. They are really good. Worth getting an air fryer if you use it for nothing else. Crispy outside, no oil or greasy taste or residue. Perfect insides.
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    New Cosori air fryer...

    Got a new air fryer for my birthday. Made fries, awesome and easy. Next tried mustard glazed chicken thighs. Look great, smell great. However, I have found a major design flaw. Pulled the tray part way out, then realized I didnt have a tray ready. Turn around and crash, bang, splat...
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    Is it just me...

    Does anyone else switch pots and pans in the middle of cooking. Last night I started boiling water in one pan, then thought it would be fun to use a different pan, so then dumped hot water into another one. Then played around with which lid would be fun to use. I've done it while searing...
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    Tomatoes and joint inflammation.

    I have been having some pain in my hands lately. Part of it is just being in the trades and normal wear and tear. However, my wife suggested it may be the fact I eat a ton of tomatoes. I add them at fast food places, have them with a lot of dinners, so pretty much each day I have 4 or 5...
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    Looking for authentic Asian cooking sites.

    Not sure how to say it. I am starting to do a lot of Asian style cooking. I would like to see how actual folks from the different countries do it. I get tired of the same old sites that say the same exact things and pretty much just parrot what the other "cooking" blogs say. The "Cooking Mom...
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    Comet Neowise

    Anybody else been watching it? We have a perfect view from our backyard. Only comes around every 6,800 years, so we are making a few evenings of it until it flies away. Its a phone pic, so I apologize for the blurriness.
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    Tapatalk not connecting

    I finally was able to reset my password on the forum. I wasn't able to for a long time. I was hoping it would fix the tapatalk issue. This is the issue I get. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this. I pretty much only use my phone and Tapatalk, for all its faults is the easiest way to do...
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    Today's harvest.

    Picked these this morning. The patch just started, so we should have a couple weeks of dining. Bracken is a bit odd on the net. Some say good to eat, some say not. So I figure we'll have a 50-50 chance of surviving. About like Taco Bell, so I'm good with it.
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    Ginormous Jalapenos

    I'm making poppers for Easter and the peppers are gargantuan. I've never seen them quite this big. Anybody else getting larger than normal jalapenos? Of course, they are also coming with a larger than normal price tag. Anywhere from 1.59 to 2.49 a pound. They are usually .99 a pound this...
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    Can't post

    Anybody else giving trouble posting from Tapatalk? Edit: so I can post here, but I tried all night and this morning to post in the ingredients forum and it just says contacting server and then does nothing.
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    New toy in the kitchen...

    I was just gifted a gently, as in hardly ever used Vitamix 5300. I had no idea what it was. I have a standard basic Kitchenaid blender, so I'm thinking what could be any different. Oh, Man. This thing is awesome indeed. It is a beast of a blender. We've done smoothies, drinks and...
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    My Christmas presents to myself.

    I picked these up just after Black Friday on an Amazon daily deal. I think I saved something like 35 bucks. One was a whopping 10 bucks, 20 or so off. They are very nice for being paring knives. Used the standard one today and I really like it. I kind of have an addiction to kitchen...
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    Gluten-free flour and xantham gum

    I have started to get into baking and am wondering about xantham gum and 1 to 1 flours. Most recipes say to use xantham gum if your flour doesn't already contain it. But then they list a brand that does, but still say to use it. If I use for instance Pillsbury or Red Barn that has it in the...
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    I joined DC from the tapatalk app. Somehow, it joined and gave me the right screen name. However, I can't log in from the desktop, as I have no idea what it used as a password. Any ideas? I have tried the lost password function, but it didn't work in the past. I'll try it again tonight, but...
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    Odd little Chef's knife

    I picked this up at the Goodwill the other day. Vintage Chicago Cutlery 40s. 4 inch Chefs knife. First one I've seen and I look at a lot of knives. I think it may be one of my new go tos. You can't really use a proper grip, but more of a pointy finger on top of spine grip. It's pretty...
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    Instant Pot question

    I just got my Instant Pot for Christmas. Tonight we got home late, so I figured I'd throw on some chicken thighs. We usually eat around 4 to 4.5 pounds at a time. I looked for some quick hints and recipes. They all were for cooking 2 pounds, so I browned 2 pounds and and am pressure cooking...
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    I hesitate to post this...

    as it is pretty lame and a bit disgusting. Now that I have your attention. Probably a year back I cooked a pork roast in my favorite slow cooker. When we were done, it got set in the pantry until I could dump the left overs and clean it. Well, it got covered, buried and forgotten. Today I...
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    Anybody smoking or bbqing for Easter?

    I tend to go nuts for Holidays. This year I will be smoking two precooked hams, 6 pounds of jalapeño poppers and some smoked corn salad. A bit lighter than most years. I may break down and do brown sugar cauliflower as well, and a pan of baked beans. See how it grows into a production. We...
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    Decision time

    My folks are getting me a new knife for my birthday. After doing some research I think I have decided on the Shun Kanso series. It is between the 8 inch Chefs knife and the 7 inch utility. I'm kind of leaning towards the utility as I have some decent chefs knives and don't have anything...
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