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    Has anyone ever belonged to Direct Buy?

    I was wondering if anyone here at DC has ever been or is now a member of Direct Buy? I hear their ads on radio and informercials on TV. There is one close to me so I was wondering if it is worth joining, what is the membership fee, and what did you buy? Also, how was the experience, was...
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    ISO a whole house water purifier

    Does anyone have a whole house water purifier? Are you happy with yours and is it efficient? Economical? I currently distill my water and have been doing so for several years now. It takes 4 hr. to distill 1 gallon. It takes up counter space that could be used for food prep. I was thinking...
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    Does the dishwasher affect the performance of SS Emerilware?

    Am I washing my Emerilware SS pots and pans correctly? When I first bought them one year ago, I noticed that water boiled faster on my glass cooktop. I was thrilled because previously it seemed like forever before water boiled and I blamed the glass cooktop. I thought my problems were solved...
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    What about DCS or Kitchenaid dual fuel ranges?

    I am seriously considering purchasing the Wolf dual fuel 30" range after reading the opinions stated on this website. Before I do, what do you think of DCS or Kitchenaid? Electrolux? Jade?As good as the Wolf? I want the pro SS look. Thanks!
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    Natural Health Enthusiast

    HI Everyone, I consider it a God-send that I came across this web-site a few days ago. You have already helped me immensely! I have been in the market for a dual fuel SS convection range, 30", and have been going crazy trying to decide. Fifteen years ago when we built our house I installed a...
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