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    Oven BBQ Chicken

    I'm thinking of trying this for dinner tomorrow night. I figure I'll buy a cut up chicken, slather some bottled bbq sauce on it and bake it in the oven. Served with some baked beans and coleslaw it should remind us of summer (which needs to be done every now and then when you live in a place...
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    Freeze Leftover Turkey?

    After Thanksgiving this year, we didn't have a chance to use up all of our leftover turkey. I divided it up, put it in ziploc bags and threw it in the freezer. Do you guys think it is still usuable? Can I just thaw it out in the fridge and use it in a tetrazzini or other type of turkey...
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    Stewed Tomatoes

    I did a search and couldn't find what I'm looking for, so here's hoping someone can help. I'd really like a recipe for stewed tomatoes. My husband and I travel frequently to Amish country in PA and they are a staple on the smorgasboards down there. I even asked one of my Amish friends, but...
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    Hi I'm New

    Hi all, I'm new today to the forum and so far everyone seems so friendly. I just thought I would take a minute to introduce myself. I'm 28 years old, married, and no kids. My husband and I really like to entertain, but don't get to do it as much as we would like to. I love to cook and try...
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    Need Help with Pre-Cooking Pasta

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and need some advice. I'm hosting a small informal gathering for New Year's Eve which will include dinner. I like to serve things which can be made in advance so that I can spend time with my guests rather than be stuck in the kitchen. I also find it helps eliminate...
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