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  1. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    I think it has. Besides the dry yeast, I left it overnight without a top, to catch wild yeasts from the air. It bubbles like sourdough. Smells right. Has the elastic, sticky texture. I'll give it a go before long.
  2. Bitser

    Chef Convicted: 1 Dead, 31 sickened by shepherd's pie!

    It pays to be extremely careful when you cook, whether it's for family or a large group. When we shared a science field station with another project, they got knee-crawling sick, with vomiting and diarrhea, because they tried to thaw frozen chicken parts in the pan, browning them without fully...
  3. Bitser

    Today's harvest

    Today's pick: Bolseno, a hybrid slicer from Johnny's, and Peasant, a Roma heirloom from Seeds Trust.
  4. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    Got a new starter going, with the cooking water from potatoes and some dry yeast. Fed it with a scoop of flour once a day for the last week, and it's looking (and smelling) good.
  5. Bitser

    Japanese Taiyaki Fish Pancakes

    I've made okonomiyaki, savory pancakes that can incorporate vegetables and various meats, seafood, etc. They're a popular snack in Japan. Lots of recipes on the web.
  6. Bitser

    ISO help/advice on purchasing a boning knife

    Fish knives, from Eagle Claw, Rapala, and others, are not expensive and make good boning knives, if kept sharp. When I was guiding, I used one to bone some fairly huge elk.
  7. Bitser

    Thursday's Dinner Thread 12/2

    Had boiled potatoes left from Thanksgiving. Home-cured bacon, cabbage, and a grand lump of butter: Colcannon. Pint of The Product as well.
  8. Bitser

    Chef Convicted: 1 Dead, 31 sickened by shepherd's pie!

    "A church harvest supper at a village pub ended in tragedy when one of the congregation was killed and 31 others suffered food poisoning after eating a shepherd’s pie filled with mince that had been incorrectly prepared by a rushing chef. Elizabeth Neuman, 92, repeatedly vomited after...
  9. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    Why bother? You wouldn't get them.
  10. Bitser

    Chief's Antelope Stroganoff

    In most of the states where pronghorn antelope are common, they're considered wild game and it's illegal to sell the meat. Their biology and far-ranging habits make them hard to raise in confinement, like elk or deer.
  11. Bitser

    Chief's Antelope Stroganoff

    Sounds good. I've made it with antelope stew meat (3/4-inch chunks), sour cream, and German-style egg noodles.
  12. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    It was a joke. You actually spent time searching to come up with that put-down?
  13. Bitser

    Moving to a new city

    Rather than using craigslist, contact rental agencies, property brokers, or the like. If you have a friend who could accompany you, in return for expenses, that might be worth the cost.
  14. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    Our former starter was older than the dude in the video.
  15. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    Kept it in the fridge. We took it out and fed it the night before use, once or twice each week. Left the lid ajar so it could breathe. When liquid built up on top I'd stir it in before feeding. After feeding it, I'd leave it out until it was bubbling.
  16. Bitser

    Any Thanksgiving distasters this year 2021??

    Not a disaster, but we both got a COVID booster yesterday and I also had a flu shot. Not feeling up to the turkey siege. So we'll do it tomorrow.
  17. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    No worries. It has a structure that I've not seen in a sourdough starter.
  18. Bitser

    Hump Day Dinner 11/24

    This was last night, but I was too busy to post it. Fried Pacific cod (flour, egg, breadcrumbs) with twice-cooked tiny potatoes and steamed green beans. Kim Crawford NZ sauvignon blanc.
  19. Bitser

    Today's harvest

    More tomato porn. A couple days pick from the keen greenhouse. Making spaghetti tonight, with sauce from fresh tomatoes.
  20. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    Smells bad. Not going to taste it. There's some organism in there that's not as usual. When we don't use a starter for a while, it develops a layer of water and alcohol up top: no problem. This is definitely different.
  21. Bitser

    Sourdough Starter Problem

    We've had the same starter for 20-odd years and recently it's gone off. Does anyone recognize this blight?
  22. Bitser

    Is there a substitute for wine?

    If you simmer wine just below boiling for a half-hour or so, nearly all the alcohol evaporates. This also takes place during normal cooking. We keep various sorts of sparkling cider in the cellar, which go well in place of champagne or other white wines, for guests who prefer that.
  23. Bitser

    Have you ever noticed

    The chile dishes served by longtime residents in their original territory (Mexico, New Mexico) tend not to have beans included. They love beans, but serve them on the side. Tomatoes are often not an ingredient. At Jemez Pueblo, where they've been growing chile for centuries, they make it...
  24. Bitser

    The Definition of foolishness

    You didn't grow the trees and pick the nuts yourself? For shame!
  25. Bitser

    What is your favorite wild game?

    We live west of everything, in the Back of Beyond. When your compass starts spinning, you're almost there.
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