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  1. VaporTrail

    Steak in a pan?

    I usually do my steaks indoors, dragging out the grill for just the two of us is a bit too much. The thing is, my method takes a bit of time... Which is a good thing because I usually cook baked potatoes with them. I season the steaks (usually pretty thick cut, and I've used Strip...
  2. VaporTrail

    The most dangerous cake recipe in the world!

    I'm thinking about trying to tweak this with double acting baking powder. 1/8th tsp to start out with perhaps? An extra tablesoon of sugar? Too much? And perhaps butter instead of oil? Lets see how that works.
  3. VaporTrail

    The most dangerous cake recipe in the world!

    Dangerous for who? I know my wife will appreciate the occasional quick, hot, chocolate fix... I like it.. being able to mix the dry before hand and take the wet with me in a little container to work will let me cook this during those long cold nights on post. And it's a cheap alternative to...
  4. VaporTrail

    140 year old lobster?! liberated

    Wow... Trapped, tanked, rescued, released... All so that the lobster can go through the whole 'getting caught' scenario again. Sounds about like PETA doing a publicity grab. And what exactly is unethical about killing and eating said lobster? Did he just not fit in this: DVICE: CrustaStun...
  5. VaporTrail

    Desperately seeking Bratwurst Help!

    Well... Swimming in them is an idea no one had... Though the rest of em seem to be good ideas.
  6. VaporTrail

    Breaded Bacon

    I actually tried to do the caramelized version at one time... I had problems with most of the sugar running off the bacon and into the pan... where it carbonized. I think I may have had the oven set too high or something. Now if you wrap the 'caramelized' version around a smoked sausage and...
  7. VaporTrail

    Boxed cake and scratch frosting from a tub devils food cake

    I'm trying the butter and milk substitiution (+ chocolate) bit in the cake I'm baking for my wife's birthday. For the chocolate I'm using about 7 Hershey's minatures bars (likewise, just have them lying around...). If the batter taste is any indicataion, the cake should be really good after...
  8. VaporTrail

    ISO: TGI Friday's Jack Championship Sauce Clone/Derivative

    The Championship Sauce is what I was after... but the difference may be subtle. I know I saw red pepper in the Champ sauce... and there may have been one or two other differences between that and the "normal" Jack sauce. Anyway, the old sauce is a starting point that has lead in a tasty...
  9. VaporTrail

    What ever happened to the Chat feature?

    I remember there was a web based chat feature on here at one time... did it die off due to lack of use?
  10. VaporTrail

    ISO: TGI Friday's Jack Championship Sauce Clone/Derivative

    New test batch. Figured that I could substitute a different acidic fruit juice... and so I present: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jack Daniels Grill Glaze: Lynchburg Lemonade style 1/2 cup Lemon Juice 1/4 cup Jack Daniels whiskey 1/2 tsp...
  11. VaporTrail

    ISO: TGI Friday's Jack Championship Sauce Clone/Derivative

    Fairly certian that I saw red pepper in the sauce at TGIFs. The batch I tried with black pepper in it was good too. Wasn't anywhere near the amount of burn the first batch was. Used that on some steaks (seasoned with Paula Dean's House seasoning) after searing. TASTY.
  12. VaporTrail

    ISO: TGI Friday's Jack Championship Sauce Clone/Derivative

    Well... It's a start... Think I'll try modifying that with a bit of crushed red pepper (as I'm sure that was in the championship sauce) and see where it goes... my experimentation wasn't going too well. Lets see if this does better. Current test batch: Half volume test batch. 1/2 c Pineapple...
  13. VaporTrail

    ISO: TGI Friday's Jack Championship Sauce Clone/Derivative

    Yes, the Jack Championship sauce. I went and had the BBQ Strip, and got hooked on the sauce. Now I want to make it at home. Anyone happen to have a clone handy? Thought not... My impression would be that it's not a tomato based sauce. Not sure what the sauce is based on besides Jack... but...
  14. VaporTrail

    Baking with Splenda or other fake sugars

    The reason it won't proof yeast probably has to do with the three chlorine atoms in it's molecular structure. Sucrose-----------------------------Sucralose -------
  15. VaporTrail

    Baking with Splenda or other fake sugars

    Actually I think there's a 1:1 conversion for splenda... let me check my bag. Yep, 1:1 conversion. I've got a bag of Splenda I use for cooking... usually for applesauce. Works well.
  16. VaporTrail

    ISO Oven baked brisket info

    If you're planning on doing stuff like it on a regular basis (or just love cool kitchen gadgets) get a probe thermometer that you can leave in the meat that has a lead that runs out of the oven to the readout. I got a cheap one from Wally World for less than $20, and it works great. The...
  17. VaporTrail

    Did I do this right?

    Looks like a roast I did recently. Hope yours came out as tasty as mine did. Mine was injected (by me) with a little bit of garlic infused olive oil and seasoned with a tablespoon of Paula Dean's 'House Seasoning'. Came out surprisingly flavorful for the amount of seasoings that went in.
  18. VaporTrail

    Grill like a restaurant?

    An alternative to Olive Oil is butter. Not quite your average stick of butter though. Some prepared with garlic, parsley and possibly other things... Let that melt over your steak during the last couple minutes of rest... I'm of the opinion that everything is better with butter.
  19. VaporTrail

    Golden Butter Yeast Rolls

    So... no eggs,no other ingredients... just Cake mix, flour, water and salt.... Gonna have to try this.
  20. VaporTrail

    Grilled cheese - just can't get it right

    That's not a panini press. That's a sandwich maker. I use one for my grilled cheese (grilled ham and cheese, among others) sandwiches. This is a panini press, which is sorta like a 2 sided grill that squashes (gently in most cases) your sandwich.
  21. VaporTrail

    Pointer Thread: Slow Cooker Recipes in other forums.

    Purpose of this thread: To have a link to all the Slow Cooker and Crock-Pot recipies and variants that crop up in odd places actually IN the Slow Cooker forum. I've come across a couple of em that I wanted to keep in mind the next time I broke out the Crock-Pot, but couldn't find em again when...
  22. VaporTrail

    Trick for freezing onions!

    Alton Brown discussed this method in relation to freezing blueberries on one of the Good Eats episodes... Basically flash freezing is just getting the product below freezing as quickly as possible. the thin layer and the metal pan help with heat transfer. If you happened to have a sub-zero...
  23. VaporTrail

    Need idea for a BBQ side dish

    Hopefully that's not the ... end product... of the BBQ. Though I'm curious too.
  24. VaporTrail

    NC - Charlotte .. ISO a really good BBQ joint

    Is there a bad BBQ joint in NC? And didn't one of the Food Network shows recently have a BBQ reccomendation in Charlotte?
  25. VaporTrail

    Guess what this is a photo of!

    Sorry about disappearing like that. Exactly right... I have got to stop answering these... It automatically brings on massive workload or problems with my computer or other such stuff. Again, sorry about the long wait, this is the first time I've been on since I disappeared.
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