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    Santa brought me a Fagor Electric Multi Cooker

    Oh I just LOVE new toys. I've read the threads about pressure cookers, but I have a few questions about recipes. I've learned from my searches (I found missvickie-HOLLAH!) and I've learned the differences between the pressure cooker purists, and people like myself who want it all in one...
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    Coconut Flakes vs. Shredded

    If you guys could answer this question for me, I would be so grateful. I have a daughter-in-law that can't do gluten, so I'm always casting about for some goodies for her that I can bake. I found a recipe for macaroons, and the recipe calls for "coconut flakes." Well, the flakes I bought look...
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    Howdy from the Left Coast

    I'm a dedicated eater--I live to eat, but am married to a man who eats to live. So, for self-preservation, I learned to cook so we don't have take-out burritos every night. My son-in-law is a pastry chef, and is very, very talented. He and my daughter, two-year old grandson, and little girl on...
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