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    Pros and cons of a wok you have to "season?"

    Just been thinking about getting a wok. I've never owned one and been browsing around and noticed quite a few of them say they need to be "seasoned." Not sure if its the same thing but at least one I looked at also had to be 'oiled' after every use. Just wondering about the pros and cons of...
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    Flexible recipes for end of the week

    Hi all, hope this post fits into this forum. I'm a cooking noob and looking for some flexible recipes that I could use at the end of the week to use up odds and ends leftover in the fridge or cupboard that might go bad if they're not used up. In particular, it would be good to have a flexible...
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    Philosophical question for you all...

    So apparently the 'robo chef' that was announced a few years ago is coming on sale next year: Moley – The world's first robotic kitchen It will be pretty expensive to start but eventually perhaps everyone will have one of these in their homes. At that point, do you think cooking for yourself...
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    What herbs to grow and how many?

    Hi all, thinking about growing some herbs at home (for cooking) and wondering whether its best to have a small amount of a lot of herbs or a large amount of a few herbs. Also, which herbs to start with. Thanks!
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    Recipe/Cooking App Idea

    I had this idea for an app the other day and thoughts I'd throw it out there in case something already exists and see what others thought. I want an app that will somehow follow where I'm up to in a recipe and read out the next instruction when I need it. I often find myself following recipes...
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    Hello from Goosander

    Hi all, thanks for having me in your lovely forum. I seem to have been able to get through life so far without knowing much about cooking for myself, which has been fine, but now I'm ready to dedicate some time and money to increasing my skills in this area. Not looking to become a :chef: but...
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