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  1. csalt

    Buckytom, help, now what do I do?

    Being a complete plonker I think I've ticked the wrong box in this new 'friendship invitation' so it will look like I've refused :ohmy: Your picture hasn't come up on the list thing so I think I've got it wrong. Sorry. I'm such an idiot. :rolleyes:
  2. csalt

    6 months down the road

    It's a while since I've visited but I just have to let you know the good news. Our neighbour is coming home tomorrow. 3 weeks short of 7 months since he had the stroke which has changed their lives forever. He needs Carers 4 times daily. He is still unable to walk but hopefully being in his...
  3. csalt

    Our little grand daughter needs your thoughts and prayers

    Our daughter has just phoned. She is on the way to the hospital with our 7 year old grand daughter who has hugely swollen tonsils; a raging temerature and breathing problems. Our daughter sat up with her all night and is naturally very anxious. Being a single Parent she has no-one to share the...
  4. csalt

    Don't forget, next Tuesday is

    Don't forget, next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday Mardi Gras Vigil of Ash Wednesday Pancake Day What do you like to have with yours? we like lemon juice and sugar.:chef:
  5. csalt

    When Shaving Yourself is Brilliant News

    When I picked Sheila up from the hospital today she was really excited because today, for the first time since the stroke, John was able to shave himself. She's been going in much earlier so that she was able to help with the washing and dressing routine; feeding dinner etc. It looks as though...
  6. csalt

    Scottish Ancestry anyone?

    Tonight many people with Scottish ancestry have a Burn's Night Supper. Robert Burns' Scotland These are some of the recipes which might be used...
  7. csalt

    Pear and Ginger Soufflé

    Good Housekeeping :: We had this dessert whilst we were at our daughter's and it is absolutely gorgeous!
  8. csalt

    Only an arm's length and arm's work away

    Yes, that's right, the mountain of ironing! How did 2 people manage to generate so much of it in 2 weeks away :ermm: Mainly, I must add, DH's shirts. Is there any end to them :rolleyes: I've just stopped for a break. Then tomorrow there'll be all the Church linen which has accrued while we...
  9. csalt

    Pork Loin recipes

    Recipes : Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri : Food Network Pork Tenderloin with Seasoned Rub Recipe: Recipes: Food Network A work colleague of our daughters cooked these pork loin recipes for us while we were staying with her. They are really delicious.:chef:
  10. csalt

    A Little Bit of Heaven

    We arrived home yesterday after 2 weeks spent with our daughter and garnd daughter. It was good to spend time with them but it was absolutely blissful to come back to our own little home yesterday. No having to watch what one does or says in case it offends. I tried really hard to watch what I...
  11. csalt


    BONES: The member of any sort of organisation is made up of four sets of bones: Wishbones, who spend all their time wishing someone else would do all the work; along with the Jawbones, who do all the talking but very little else. Another group are the Knucklebones. They knock everything that...
  12. csalt

    Just to say

    and to wish you every blessing for you and your families. We shall be away until 2nd week of Jan. Going to spend Christmas with our daughter and grand daughter whom we shall then not see for a while as they are going to be out of the UK for a 2 year period. Strange isn't it, we don't see them...
  13. csalt

    Update on our neighbour

    The latest update. John remains in hospital ( where he has been since 27th November) Sadly his progress has been minimal. He remains paralysed down one side and the phsyio has as yet to obtain some results. He has lost 2 stone from his already slender frame. Over the weekend he was extremely...
  14. csalt

    Keep Fit Along With Father Christmas

    Disco Dancing Santa Claus - Christmas Entertainment
  15. csalt

    ISO GotGarlic

    Not knowing whether your hospital admission will be on Sunday ready for your surgery on Monday I wanted to send you all my good wishes for a successful outcome and rapid recovery and for a not too sore and very Happy Christmas. Alex, you will know from your very recent experience what Got Garlic...
  16. csalt

    Hot Water/Lemon Juice

    I read somewhere that to start the day of with a mug of hot water with some lemon juice added is not only good for the digestion but may help towards weight loss. Anyone have any comments to make a\bout this?
  17. csalt

    Dinner in a rush

    We came in from shopping and DH was due to go to a meeting in 1 and a half hours. I peeled some potatoes and carrots and steamed them together in the microwave.(10 mins) shook them up in some mango sauce til they were coated. Put some pork and apple burgers under the grill. Peeled and quartered...
  18. csalt

    You all are absolutely the best

    In the past I have belonged to a couple of Forums where God, prayer, genuine love and compassion, were considered almost taboo to mention. What is so special about DC is the genuine warmth which reaches out and enfolds one and that those of you who are 'prayers' never hesitate to say so. All of...
  19. csalt

    Prayer request for our wonderful neighbours.

    We have the most heartwarmingly wonderful neighbours. Two weeks ago yesterday in the early hours of the morning John suffered a very dense stroke and was rushed to hospital. He got there within an hour which was a big plus. He is paralysed down one side and the Consultant has warned Sheila that...
  20. csalt

    For Children Young and Old

    Trim a Jan Brett Christmas Tree Here is a link which children young or old may enjoy. A little early perhaps but it's part of the preparation. :wink:
  21. csalt

    Dinner on Sunday 9th Dec

    DH was offered a choice between a 'proper' Sunday dinner or Bubble & Squeak with bacon. He chose the latter :chef:
  22. csalt

    Christmas Music

    We have a collection of Christmas CD's; some of them quite old. At this time of the year I love to listen to them. Sometimes just in a comfy chair; sometimes while I'm getting the dinner. One which I really love is "Mille Cherubini In Core" sung by Pavarotti. It is very very beautiful. I also...
  23. csalt

    Happy to rejoin the DC Family

    After several months of various downs and ups it's very good to be rejoining the DC Family at this wonderful time of year. I have missed it. :smile:
  24. csalt

    When Is It Ripe?

    Bear in mind when you read this that I live in the UK so don't have access to all the luscious fruit you have in the USA. Pineapples and melons are the ones that fox me. How can you tell when they are ripe. Melons feel the same. Pineapples well ???? I'm told if melons smell melony they are ripe...
  25. csalt

    ISO cold finger food ideas for a buffet.

    In a couple of months time I shall be needing to do a buffet for about 30 people. All the food needs to be easily transportable in the car. It needs to be cold as there is only a microwave oven . Also I won't have time for heating stuff. It needs to be food that can be laid out 1 hour beforehand...
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