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  1. CakePoet

    2023 Edition - What are you baking?

    Two wheat loafs, I am not happy with them, I had use cheaper flour and isnt as fluffy as I want.
  2. CakePoet

    What have you had for lunch lately?

    Did a standard Swede today and grabbed a grilled sausages, with bread, ketchup, strong mustard and fried onion and a chips/crisp package and coke. Not the best but I wasnt home and it is quick and warm.
  3. CakePoet

    Sunday, January 15, 2023, what are you eating?

    draglaw: Thanks, yeah been but ill , but I am getting better.
  4. CakePoet

    What's the last movie you watched?

    Willow, League of extraordinary Gentlemen, Encanto and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, why because the kid was home over Christmas.
  5. CakePoet

    Sunday, January 15, 2023, what are you eating?

    We had Sundays porkroast with yorkies, roasties, veggies and gravy. Sadly the pork wasnt tender, it was weirdly stringy.
  6. CakePoet

    What are common Halal (food cart) spices

    Mahleb, is a part of kebab spices, you dont need much, just a little to get this lovely, unique flavour.
  7. CakePoet

    How much spice to put in meat to spice it up

    Köfte/Köfta/ kofta is a form Turkish but also Arabic meatballs.
  8. CakePoet

    How much spice to put in meat to spice it up

    I would take 1 teaspoon that is what most köfta recipes has but Kebab spice is another blend.
  9. CakePoet


    I make my own at Christmas time, I do love it.
  10. CakePoet

    What is your favorite Chocolate Treat?

    Ohhhhh yessssshh.... I love these. That and dark chocolate covered nuts and dark chocolate with rum raisin.
  11. CakePoet

    ISO Ground beef ideas

    Biff ala Lindström? Can they have beet root? Because it the can, I can find Russian hash recipe for you. Boiled meatballs with root veggies is also recipe I can try to find.
  12. CakePoet

    Cake idea needed

    I have done this. She also have good recipe for caramel buttercream.
  13. CakePoet

    I'm going to cook Panna Cotta, any advice? I always strain the mixture after I added gelatine, just incase.
  14. CakePoet

    Ground beef spaghetti sauce

    This my sauce, added some ketchup and olives.
  15. CakePoet

    Pasta sauce with no tomatoes

    What about Pho?
  16. CakePoet

    Pasta sauce with no tomatoes

    In Swedish school we have Pasta with cheese and ham sauce. But noodles dishes are plenty with out tomatoes, check out Ramen
  17. CakePoet

    Ground beef spaghetti sauce

    So I just made 10 portions of köttfärsås ( ground beef sauce) today, no wine, no mushroom , no bellpeppers, no sausage , it still taste great and it is very simple sauce.
  18. CakePoet

    Ground beef spaghetti sauce

    This recipe sounds like a direct translation of Swedish staple Köttfärssås, it means Ground meat sauce. It sound like the 1960 version of it, it had bell peppers in it. Mine doesnt have peppers in it, the recipe looks about right, I just add finely chopped celery and carrot and I used...
  19. CakePoet

    Yuk To Veggies

    Kåldolmar, the cabbage is first lightly cooked to soften, then wrapped around the meat and then brushed with sirap ( Swedish form of golden syrup with no brunt taste), butter and soy and then baked. That is heaven on a plate and I cant eat it cause my belly cant handle that much cabbage.
  20. CakePoet

    Yuk To Veggies

    I dont like cooked brussel sprouts, but I loved roasted with hazelnuts and bacon.
  21. CakePoet

    Yuk To Veggies

    I love veggies, but any thing overcooked wont be on my plate.
  22. CakePoet

    2018 New Year's Eve & New Year's day Menu

    Starter: potato soup Main : chicken roast dinner dessert treacle pudding: Or if we still are ill over here, well then it be chicken soup, fruit soup, white bread and lots of water.
  23. CakePoet

    How do you stretch your birds

    I use turkey as I use left over Chicken. So there would tacos, chips bakes , burritos, rice dishes, potato dishes, there is so much you can do.
  24. CakePoet

    What cooking stuff did Santa bring--2018?

    A metal dough scraper, a set of four cookie cutters ( amazingly I do not have these in this size), pudding bowl, an electric spice grinder, 4 shot glasses and a hemisphere cake tin.
  25. CakePoet

    Christmas 2018 menu plans

    Christmas is Cancelled, my daughter is sick so we have no quest and the she cant eat the food, so we just going to boil potatoes and eat some ham.
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