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  1. VeraBlue

    "Happy Birthday, VeraBlue!"

    Thanks Everyone!! It's been a great day, so far.. Thanks for the wishes!
  2. VeraBlue

    The Evil Genie Game

    You live in the country....but so do 3 billion other people, all who like to listen to rap music at unbearable decibles. I wish I spoke another language.
  3. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    Maxi is officially a 5 year old girl! The technicians at the vet's office loved her. She cried in the carrier, which in turn made me want to cry. She weighs 9 pounds and was very good natured during the entire exam. She has pink eye in her left eye, which I suspected. I have drops for...
  4. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    I'm having a heart attack....She's gotta sense my tension. I just keep remembering how freaked out she got last Monday. I need a sedative. Next communication will be post vet. I'm having a heart attack.
  5. VeraBlue

    Saturday dinner 24 January

    As Mardi Gras approaches I've got the Quarter on my mind. Well, actually I always have the Quarter on my mind, but I'm cooking like I'm in the Quarter tonight. First course is New Orleans Barbecued shrimp. I have embarrassingly large shrimp for this,too! Second course is flank steak stuffed...
  6. VeraBlue

    11 Worst Foods 2008

    His liver was literally becoming foie gras. It was turning to fat.
  7. VeraBlue

    11 Worst Foods 2008

    I just finished a nutrition course for work. Very intensive on line course that really gives you some wonderful information. Lots of emphasis on the MyPyramid guide and specifics on how the body is affected by over indulgence, etc. Reading the numbers on that list is frightening. Knowing...
  8. VeraBlue

    What are you baking today?

    Individual blueberry pies for dessert for dinner. I'm not a big fan of buying produce out of season but I couldn't resist these blueberries.
  9. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    I'm worried about that too, Mikki.
  10. VeraBlue

    What's a "fatty"?

    hmm...and here I thought it was a big fat joint:angel: ....
  11. VeraBlue

    What's for Dinner Friday, Jan 23rd?

    All I really want is my cocktail...Rob Roy tonight After a couple of those I'm making a few pizzas. 1. fresh tomato slices with fresh mozzarella and basil 2. chopped clams over the sauce, grana padano cheese and toasted breadcrumbs 3. artichokes, black olives and pepperoni I jacked a few...
  12. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    I like the idea of catnip on the scratcher. So far, she just looks at it and walks away from it. Max and I had sushi for dinner last night. Max likes nice fresh tuna..but has no interest in imitation crab meat. Who would, eh? She has a pink ball now. I have to get a picture of her playing...
  13. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    Yeah, Babe..Maxi doesn't like bare feet around here, either....what's with that?
  14. VeraBlue

    Help ... Kid Friendly Indian Food??

    Tandoori chicken is very very mild and the cool colour is kid friendly. Naan bread is great for kids to rip apart. Go really authentic and eat with your fingers. The kids will love it and forget how picky they are.
  15. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    I'm sound asleep last night at half past nine....and rolled over. My foot hit something rather solid at the end of the bed. Maxi.:ermm: She stayed on my feet till shortly after 1am. I realize it was 1am because she went down the stairs to the living room where Coco was. I heard Coco greet...
  16. VeraBlue

    ISO help/tips for making French bread

    Making french bread is a two day affair. The first day you make the biga, which is like a sponge of flour and yeast and sugar. The second day, you make the dough, and gently add the biga (cut up) into the dough. Then you let it rise again. Bake in a very hot oven, misting the walls with...
  17. VeraBlue

    Where do you buy your wine?

    If I need to pick up just a bottle or two I stop at Bottle King, a liquor store with a small variety. If we are doing a restock with lots of varieties we go to Total Wine which is like heaven for wine enthusiasts.
  18. VeraBlue

    Do you use a "real" butcher?

    I tend to shop one or two meals at a time, usually just for the weekend. If I'm going to be working with beef other than what I use for meatballs, I'll usually go to a butcher. Same thing with fish..usually go to the fish market. I don't care for the butcher at the supermarket, either...
  19. VeraBlue

    Vegetable Peeler

    I have an apple peeler that resembles that. Maybe if you look up the particular show on FN you'll find a sponsor list.
  20. VeraBlue

    Is it even worth TRYING to cook this roast?

    Brown it first in hot fat seasoned with onions and garlic, remove it and caramelize some carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, and celery. Deglaze the pan with a bit of wine. Put the meat back in and fill the pot/pan with stock halfway up. Finish it in the oven at 325 for about 3 hours.
  21. VeraBlue

    My little weather rant

    Yeah, Lefty, I've about had enough, too. Here it is 6pm and I'm about to go shovel again. When Lou is here with me he takes care of most of it. Even my exhusband will come by if Lou isn't around... But when it snows at night like this, and I'm the only one home, it's up to me. Yea, this is...
  22. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    Thanks for the tips....I'll try the carrier again on Saturday...but I'm seriously going to need lots of cocktails when it's over.:huh:
  23. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    Okay, that was a disaster:cry: for Maxi....I had to postpone the appointment till Saturday when Lou comes back. He tried to get her into the carrier to no avail. It was like trying to get toothpaste back into the tube, only with clawing and crying and some really nasty fart smell:ermm:. No...
  24. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    Vet appointment today at 3:15. I'm going to be sick. I hate the idea of hurting her. Yes, I don't like this part one bit.:sad:
  25. VeraBlue

    Made himself at home, he did...a cat story

    Considering the way she eats when I do see her, and that I believe there is an infection in one of her eyes, I doubt anyone is taking care of her. I'll take her to the vet today to get a clean bill of health and whatever medication she needs for the eye.
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