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  1. Tri Tip

    Grilled Yellowfin Tuna

    Very Nice!
  2. Tri Tip

    Weber Master Touch

    nice score. I'd use the crappy charcoal to light my camp fire. but the grill is awesome!
  3. Tri Tip


    can somebody gimme an AMEN!
  4. Tri Tip

    Stuffed Pasta Shells and Sausages

    Looks damn good my friend!.
  5. Tri Tip

    Not Chicken and Waffles

    That looks like crap :D
  6. Tri Tip

    Weekend Pics

    Thats Rad. I just watched a documentary on the Salton Sea. It's pretty crazy. Some parts look like Chernobyl. Crazy area. Did it smell. I herd it does.
  7. Tri Tip

    Haya Everybody

    Fo sho! Email me tentative future dates any time. Were headen out tomorrow up to San Juan. Suppose to be 85 up there this weekend. Getten our Red Beach pass for the season probably next weekend and shooten for some weekend in Feb.
  8. Tri Tip

    Haya Everybody

    Will Do. Mainly doen stew and pot roast on the tripod over the camp fire and stuff. Anyway I'll be around from time to time.
  9. Tri Tip

    Haya Everybody

    Howdy old friends. Just wanted to say hi. I'm in good health and all is great. Sorry I haven't been posting. Got totally burnt on Q (pun intended) and slowed waaaaay down. Only cooked one comp this past season. Just been sitten on my A55 lately when I aint worken. I did get into cast iron and...
  10. Tri Tip

    Buffalo Chicken Burgers

    That looks good
  11. Tri Tip


    That looks awesome!
  12. Tri Tip

    Eggs McCajun Style

    Hay tha't alright! Looks good.
  13. Tri Tip

    It's time

    Man that's gonna take one heck of a lot of Dutch Ovens :lol:
  14. Tri Tip

    Building a new grill island

    Welcome! most of us around here dont cook on anything that fancy. That's pretty nice. I know you can go wrong with Weber.
  15. Tri Tip

    Black Bean Burgers

    I seen that before. Looks great.
  16. Tri Tip

    Vermin made me do it.......

    great job.
  17. Tri Tip

    What Makes for a Fantastic Breakfast?

    bfast is my 2nd favorite meal. looks great.
  18. Tri Tip

    Pollo Asada Torta

    dude you win! you are putten us all to shame. I gotta get back on the grill a bit more.
  19. Tri Tip

    Best Homemade Chili Yet 2013

    Dude that looks really really good!
  20. Tri Tip

    Happy Birthday Puffy Poo

    Happy bday ya ol boot!
  21. Tri Tip

    It's time

  22. Tri Tip

    Grilled Peach Mango Sriracha Wings

    10X better vid than any of the she she crap you see on the Food Network that they keep calling bbq. Great Job Larry. Thanks.
  23. Tri Tip

    Chicken of the Sea

    Oh man that looks great. I havn't done Tuna in years. Looks great.
  24. Tri Tip

    Pinto Beans

    Those are perfect. I'm 1/36th Mexican so I can say that.
  25. Tri Tip

    Yet another Tri Tip

    Looks Like I need to fire up some Oak and cook some Tri Tip soon. That looks awesome! You made Pinquito Beans yet. They are a bit more firm than regualar beans. Smaller too. You can order em from Susie Q. My buddy's family is from SM and he brings back pounds for me each trip up...
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