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  1. Flourgirl

    Today's dinner, 23rd March, 2009

    We had Swedish meatballs over noodles.
  2. Flourgirl

    Dinner Thursday, March 19th

    ^that looks delish. I really have to try to remember to take pics at dinner- I always forget and then by the time I remember, the foods gone!
  3. Flourgirl

    Dinner Thursday, March 19th

    Tonight was spaghetti & meatballs with garlic bread.
  4. Flourgirl

    Your Ultimate Sandwich?

    I second the perfectly ripe summer tomato sandwich with a swipe of butter, salt & papper on a hearty sliced bread. I can't wait for summer!
  5. Flourgirl

    Ides of March - What are you having for dinner?

    No inspiration here...we're having fend-for-yourself for dinner.
  6. Flourgirl

    What's for Dinner Saturday March 14th?

    I love seeing pictures of everyones' dinners! I'm going to start taking pics too and posting them. The potatoes look awesome, I wonder if that dish could work by small-dicing the potatoes and tossing them in the butter & garlic mixture and then baking them? Or would that make the garlic burn?
  7. Flourgirl

    Do you bring your lunch to work or eat out?

    Thanks! I like the idea of bringing leftover soup to work. It would be so easy to just pour it into a microwave container and out the door. Soups and stews are my favorite, I love making them. Near my work, we have no delis, but we do have a chinese place, a pizza-by-the-slice place, a...
  8. Flourgirl

    What's for Dinner Saturday March 14th?

    I have an eye-round in the oven cooking pot roast style with onion, carrot, tomato and a package of Lipton soup onion mix. I'll make mashed potatoes and rolls with it.
  9. Flourgirl

    What's for Dinner, 12th March 2009

    We had to take my son to a doctor's appointment tonight, so we stopped for pizza- NY style.
  10. Flourgirl

    Do you bring your lunch to work or eat out?

    Up until now, my company has always provided lunch for its employees- its been just a soup and salad bar, but its been kind of a luxury as most companies would never do that. However, in this new economy, they are cutting out the free employee lunches to save money, so I will have to decide to...
  11. Flourgirl

    Depression Era Cooking

    That's a great video. I remember my dad making something similar only he used ketchup and bologna instead of tomato and hot dogs. It is really good. Watching her with that knife makes me cringe though.
  12. Flourgirl

    Dinner, Wednesday, 11th March 09

    We had steak (NY strips) with sauteed onion and just a salad of red leaf lettuce with balsamic.
  13. Flourgirl

    Beef and Potato Fix Me Up Boats

    I love this idea. Its a great way to add protein to the typical potato dish and makes it a whole meal by itself.
  14. Flourgirl

    What's your Comfort Food Snack?

    I don't snack often, but when I really need some comfort, my favorite is a grilled cheese sandwich with crispy bacon and thin-sliced avocado. It's like fat layered between buttered toast, but oh so good!
  15. Flourgirl

    Ramen Noodles - More than just Sodium in a Bowl

    I guess I've been missing out, I love Ramen noodles, but only ever had them straight out of the package. I love the idea of adding stuff to them~ especially the curry and peanut butter- yum! I also only ever tried the beef and the chicken. I guess I could add chili paste, fish sauce, peanuts...
  16. Flourgirl

    How many cars in your driveway?

    We just got a second vehicle for our family after a year with only one. I am a stay-home mom to a preschooler. My husband has a long commute to work- he drive 54 miles each way. But because I am able to stay home, we were able to make it work with just one car this past year. It was difficult...
  17. Flourgirl

    Concerts you have recently gone to.

    We also recently saw Billy Joel at Mohegan Sun in CT in May. We don't go to concerts as often as we used to, but most recently we've seen.... Billy Joel Celtic Women Aerosmith Billy Joel & Elton John Shania Twain Hubby and I have eclectic tastes.
  18. Flourgirl

    Dinner tonight, June 26, Thursday

    I'm shredding and slow simmering some cabbage with tomato sauce, vinegar, green pepper, onion, and kielbasa.
  19. Flourgirl

    Dinner plans tonight, June 24, Tuesday

    I grilled a flank steak to slice thin, with some chimmichurri sauce on the side and will make a salad to go with it. I also brewed a pot of sweet iced tea.
  20. Flourgirl

    Dinner, Wednesday May 14

    Thanks! V-8 is so great to have around, makes a great Gazpacho too!
  21. Flourgirl

    Dinner, Wednesday May 14

    I wanted to do something easy. So I made Cobb salads with store-bought rotisserie chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, egg and blue cheese. And I made a tomato vinaigrette using balsamic vinegar, V-8 juice, olive oil, and italian seasoning.
  22. Flourgirl

    Things That Once Amazed Us but We Now Take for Granted

    It wasn't something that we marveled at, but child car seats are definitely something we take for granted now. When I was young, we used to just slide around in the back seat, or worse yet, slide around in the front seat with mom's outstretched arm being the only thing between us and the...
  23. Flourgirl

    Dinner, Tuesday May 6th

    Pork chops and scalloped potatoes here.
  24. Flourgirl

    Dinner, Monday May 5th

    Arroz con Pollo and a couple of Coronas.
  25. Flourgirl

    Dinner for Tuesday, April 29

    Carrot cake is my favorite!! Beautiful edible flowers in your salad! My mom made a fresh batch of chicken croquettes and fed-exed some to me on dry ice yesterday, so we will have chicken croquettes with mashed potatoes and buttered peas.
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