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  1. honeybee

    Need recipe for 12 inch heart pan

    I just purchased a twelve inch heart pan from Wilton. Yes, I'm going to purchase a heating core. Does anyone have a recipe for batter that will EXACTLY fit this size cake pan? Either from scratch or a cake mix? I want to make this cake for Valentine's Day. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks.
  2. honeybee

    Have you exercised today? Accountability thread

    Have you exercised today? I liked what Bucky Tom said about swimming. I have enjoyed aquatics all my life for recreation but four years ago when I developed rheumatoid arthritis I joined the YMCA and started joint movement water exercise classes. Now I also do shallow water aerobics classes and...
  3. honeybee

    Favorite Childhood food

    tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich.
  4. honeybee

    Have you exercised today? Accountability thread

    Have you exercised today? I went to the YMCA today. I walked around the track. I participated in an hour long water aerobics class.
  5. honeybee

    What's for Dinner - Monday, June 11, 2007?

    What's for dinner, Monday June 11? Fish sticks, sugar snap peas, fruit.
  6. honeybee

    Using cake mix and pumpkin

    I have a Duncan Hines yellow cake mix and some canned pumpkin. Is there a way to combine these two along with possibly other ingredients to make a pumpkin cake? Maybe a pumpkin coffee cake?
  7. honeybee


    Has anyone had experience with Cutco knives?
  8. honeybee

    English Muffins

    English muffins I like them for breakfast toasted, with butter or jelly on them. I also like to make breakfast sandwiches. Tuna melts - tuna mixed with mayonnaise on an English muffin with a slice of cheddar cheese on top toasted, is delicious. I don't often think to make individual pizzas with...
  9. honeybee

    Sara's Secrets of Weeknight Meals

    HELLO. I see that Sara Moulton has put out another cookbook. Who has had experience with SARA'S SECRETS OF WEEKNIGHT MEALS? Is it a good book for a young adult? Someone who already knows how to cook but wants to cook more efficiently? My experience with Sara's shows - I ALWAYS learn something...
  10. honeybee

    Healthy comfort food? Possible?

    I like grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's cream of tomato soup. In the winter a bowl of bean soup is always comforting. Preferably, start with dried beans you soak overnight. Put in crockpot or cook on stove with chicken broth, vegetables, and if handy, a ham bone. Cook for a long time...
  11. honeybee

    What's your fave comfort food?

    Grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's cream of tomato soup. YUM!
  12. honeybee

    Your Favorite Lentil Recipe

    Don't be put off by the seemingly long list of ingredients. This soup is as easy to put together as it is delicious. Red Lentil Soup With Indian Flavors 2 tbsp. oil 2 onions, finely chopped 2 tbsp. ginger 1 tbsp. curry powder 1 (1 lb. pkg.) red lentils 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes 4 celery...
  13. honeybee

    Eggs and health?

    I have eaten eggs all my life. As a child I would eat an egg for breakfast more often than not. Now I eat an egg maybe once a week for breakfast - most mornings I eat cereal - and enjoy egg salad sandwiches occasionally for lunch. I add boiled eggs to salads and tuna. I like casseroles with eggs...
  14. honeybee

    I need to buy a new food processor

    food processor I remember years ago purchasing a food processor / blender on the same base by Hamilton Beach. I purchased it at Bed Bath and Beyond. I liked it. My daughter lost the blender so I looked for another one to purchase. I noticed Macy's had a sale so I purchased a combination food...
  15. honeybee


    Who makes ceviche? What do you put in it?
  16. honeybee

    Milk with Sugar (dulce de leche?)

    On a test in Spanish class I remember a sentence about putting sugar in milk. (I filled in "coffee" for milk as I put sugar in coffee and I got it marked wrong.) My instructor said in Spanish speaking countries people put sugar in milk. My question(s) - Do people add sugar to milk in the same...
  17. honeybee

    Convection vs. conventional ovens

    I am remodeling my kitchen. I am going to have a GE Spacemaker microwave above a thirty inch free standing stove. I think I want a conventional oven (in my household are my husband and me and our third child goes away to college this fall) as I'm doing less cooking than in years past and I don't...
  18. honeybee

    Favorite Childhood food

    Childhood food tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
  19. honeybee

    Hot Cross Buns

    I Love hot cross buns and the only time I see they are available is during Lent. Who else likes hot cross buns? Do you eat them with margarine for breakfast along with a mug of coffee? Or any other ideas about eating hot cross buns? I've eaten them with sandwich fillings. I wonder if anyone...
  20. honeybee

    February 8 is Fat Tuesday

    So is anybody up for Polish doughnuts? I think they're spelled Paczki. They're big and, of course, fattening. But what do you expect? FAT Tuesday is comin' up.
  21. honeybee

    Mac-n-Cheese Extraordinaire

    I made macaroni and cheese last night from the recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. (I have an OLD edition.) It is simple and delicious.
  22. honeybee

    Juicer ideas?

    Sometimes I receive citrus fruit from friends, enough to make juice so I'm lookin' for a juicer. I have a small kitchen and don't want to have yet another appliance sitting on my counter and so would store it away when not using it. Any ideas for easy-to-use juicers?
  23. honeybee

    Creamy Red Potato Salad (TNT)

    Creamy Red Potato Salad Mmmmm. This looks good. Thanks for posting. :D
  24. honeybee

    Fresh Pineapple

    I purchased one and cut it. (Actually, my daughter cut it as I have a sore wrist.) I put it in the fridge. MMMMMM. DELICIOUS. Just eat it plain for a tasty dessert. :D
  25. honeybee

    REC - Italian Rice Balls

    Italian Rice Balls I've some leftover cooked rice in my fridge. Might go well with grated cheddar cheese I have, too. I"m goin' to try it.
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