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    Prayers Needed For Dave Hutchins

    Thank you one and all for the prayers, good wishes. I am not out of the woods yet, by a long shot. They messed up my Bone Marrow test and had to go after the left side of my Pelvic. Which hurt so bad I screamed. As soon as my results came back they started on Cemo not much fun either.
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    A great big Iowa welcome to both of you. You have just hit the mother lode of good food and Good people
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    Thank you all for your very kind responce. I will post as SOON as I know any thing.
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    :smile:Hello to all of my DC friends. Monday I had a bone marrow biopsy. they tried my right side of my hip and could not get the biopsy needle in my bone, and they tried for a long time. Then they switched sides and doctors and he was successful in getting the biopsy. Monday PM I felt like I...
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    Cook's Country TV Show

    I just bought ATK new loose leaf cook book. It is a disaster compared to there previous cook books I feel I wasted $ 37.00 for a usless cook book
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    Photos of new kitty

    Great looking cat. Went in to the vet a stud came out a dud. Enjoy your new furry friend
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    Another Question

    This site was made for you type away
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    Mashed Potato tastes plain. Why?

    Uncle Bob you slay me I thought every body put gravy on mashed spuds.
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    Need a stand mixer? Avoid tilt-head KitchenAids

    I have a old KA (30) and it has shredded 1000, of pounds cabbage and mixed hundreds of loaves of bread (heavy rye bread as well as plain white bread) and have never had a problem with it. Now having said that about my old mixer if my machine would quit I would not buy another KA as the quality...
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    Order of operations

    I am a retired Executive Chef and I find your post in very poor taste. 99% of the members of DC are very aware of food safety. If you would have bothered to go back and check previous threads you would have found many, many threads on food safety. cutting boards and Etc Chef David Hutchins ACF
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    What food gives you heartburn?

    I used to have Acid Reflux and severe heartburn and my doc put me on Prilosect have not had a roblem sence
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    Checking out

    Thanks to one and all. I am not ready to check out just yet. But I will let you in on a secret It scared the dickens out of me. I am going to take it real easy and I will follow the doc advice. Dave 2300hrs Wednesday
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    Checking out

    :smile: Too all my DC friends I just about check out permintly Tues PM I have not been feeling good for the last three weeks, If I stood up I got dizzy if I done any thing stress wise I could not get a deep breath so I went to the VA Tues afternoon and talked to my Nurse and she hauled me off...
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    ISO Authentic Hungarian Goulash Recipe?

    There is as many rercipes for Goulash as there are Hungarians. Here is my take on the subject. Use Chuck roast and dice into 1/2 chunks and brown in a dutch oven when nicely browned add some julianne onions, Tomato puree Caraway seed and Hungarian Paprika, some beef stock and let cook in the...
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    Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Welcome to the best on the web.I have been a member of this site for over a year and I learn new tricks all most every day. So pull up a comfy chair and enjoy our site.
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    Anyone here use sweet sorghum???

    I was raised on Sorgum syrup and we all ways had it on pancakes, waffels and mom put it in her bread, muffins, and what ever else she could think of to put it on
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    :chef::smile: Thanks to all who have so graciously given me Karma/reputation I just did check it tonight Dave
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    Fish Coating

    I use self rising flour and water S&P and I put a small amount of dried dill weed. mix well and let it stand for 1/2 hour before using then fry your heart out
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    Hi from Europe

    Welcoome to the best on the web
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    helloo :)

    Hi Kate there are a good many folks that will jump at the chance to help you. my self included just what do you have in mind to fix post it and we {DCers} will jump in
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    Tomato recipe question

    I have never fixed such a dish but here is my 2 cents. I would cut my tomatoes at least 1/4 inch thick season with salt and pepper and a sprinkle of dried oregano a drizzle of good olive oil and possible a pinch of garlic cover with cheese and bake till cheese melt 10-15 minutes. Serve with a...
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    Hot Pot Meal

    I have two hot pots, and they are a lot of fun. Research using them as they can be dangerious, tip over burns, horrible mess, Have plenry of ventilation as they produce carbon monoxide while burning. Put a bakers stone under them to avoid a hot spot on your table. Other than that enjoy
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    Any suggestions to put a new twist on chili?

    I add hominy to my chili for a change. All so thicken it up with a slurry of MASA HARAINA and water. Add a little at a time as it will thicken quite rapidly. Give a nice tex mex flavor to chili
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    Plain Old Cook

    Welcome my good man you will like it here it does not get to fancy any time. Just lots of good food.
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    Hi, everyone - newbie intro

    Gday Mate Glad you found us. Heat up your billy and have a cuppa with us and ejoy the best on the web.
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