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  1. PytnPlace

    In Remembrance of Our Dear Friend Buck

    Katie, Circumstances has kept me away from this forum in recent months, but I think of you often and keep you in my prayers.
  2. PytnPlace

    Discuss Cooking v2.0 - Details and Feedback

    Wow, haven't been hear for a couple mos. Love the new look! Have to check it out in more detail later.
  3. PytnPlace

    Happy Birthday CharlieD!

    Hope you had a great bday!!! (sorry I missed it. I check in sporatically these days!)
  4. PytnPlace

    Weird feeling after eating almonds

    LOL! Just chiming in from the tail end!
  5. PytnPlace

    Salt in meatballs?

    If you don't feel like frying a sample, just cook a tiny amount in the microwave. Not much, just testing for seasonings.
  6. PytnPlace

    Weird feeling after eating almonds

    Hey! I'm from southwestern Ohio!
  7. PytnPlace

    MexicoKaren's Terrible Loss...

    OMG, Karen I am so very sorry to here about this. I can't imagine how heartbreaking this is for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. PytnPlace

    New Cook...looking for advice on chicken casserole

    I would put the herbs in towards the end of the saute. Just to release the oils.
  9. PytnPlace

    Any new cookbooks for Christmas?

    Rancho Gordo Cookbook and a Lidia Bastianich.
  10. PytnPlace

    Do you give your pets gifts?

    Absolutely. My doggie, a big 70 lb mutt gets so excited when he sees the tree come up. He's like a kid, sniffing out the presents, wondering which ones are his!
  11. PytnPlace

    Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

    Taking a break from my food prep to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. PytnPlace

    Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?

    I'm not in the mood this year. Usually I decorate every corner. This year just a tree. I have too much going on right now and decorating would just stress me out.
  13. PytnPlace

    Apple pie without a soggy bottom crust?

    Tossing the apples and draining it are an interesting idea. I do a crumb top on my apple pie so I go ahead and brush the bottom crust with and eggwash and blind bake for a few minutes. This helps alot. I have a friend who puts bread crumbs or cookie crumbs in the crust b4 the filling to absorb...
  14. PytnPlace

    Happy Birthday Michael in FtW!

    Woops, I missed it too! Hope you had a great bday Michael!
  15. PytnPlace

    Happy Birthday jkath!

    Looks like I'm a little late. Hope you had a great bday!
  16. PytnPlace

    Meatballs in jelly/chilli sauce?

    IMO that sauce is to sweet to serve over pasta. But that's me. I make a version of the grape/chili sauce as well. I often change it up with different jelly/cranberry sauce etc. Also good with a touch of seasoning of choice and a spoonful of dijon.
  17. PytnPlace

    Thanksgiving 2008 - Menu/Dinner Plans/Recipes

    Lol, Amy, I can't figure out how to isolate and quote one sentence out of your post, but . . . your welcome to come, although I don't think we would be dining outside!
  18. PytnPlace

    Thanksgiving 2008 - Menu/Dinner Plans/Recipes

    Our dinner menu is a tradition I don't mess with too much. But our apps are always different, w/shrimp always on the app menu. We'll do turkey breast and ham (don't like to mess with the big bird anymore), my cranberry sauce (have to have that!) with red wine, ginger, golden raisens, etc...
  19. PytnPlace

    What went wrong with my roux?

    Ditto to above suggestions. Just what I was thinking as I read your post.
  20. PytnPlace

    What Christmas ornament are you?

    I'm an angel. Better go tell my DH!
  21. PytnPlace

    Anything left in the garden to pick??

    Pulled my pepper and tomato plants about a week ago. Basil at the same time. I'll have a lot of herbs that are perennials and can use them at least to Thanksgiving. Beautiful Indian summer this week. I'm off Wed so will pull the rest of my annuals and get my Pansies out of the pots and into...
  22. PytnPlace

    Benefits of a pressure cooker for a vegetarian??

    PC are great for cooking beans/legumes.
  23. PytnPlace

    In Remembrance of Our Dear Friend Buck

    I agree. Katie, I think you need to get yourself out there somehow. I know it's easier said then done. I do think that reaching out will give you something to grab onto.
  24. PytnPlace

    Products that have disappeared

    I loved those cereals as a kid, as well as King Vitamin cereal.
  25. PytnPlace

    Flavored sugar

    I also store vanilla pods in sugar to make homemade vanilla sugar.
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