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    Pork Knuckle - German style recipe

    Smoked ones can work for this recipe too, but they have to be just "lightly" smoked, if that's even a valid term to use :) I mean, over-smoked tend to be too dry so it's not the best choice for further cooking.
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    ?---is Walmart food as fresh as supermarket foods

    Yup, I didn't want to sound like I look down on all private/house brands. But I treat these with a bit of caution, especially when they're much cheaper than their big label counterparts. You're right that some of these are actually of very good quality and I do personally buy some, but most...
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    Pork Knuckle - German style recipe

    You're welcome! Let me know how it went :)
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    Pork Knuckle - German style recipe

    As long as we are talking about the rear leg knuckle, you would have to be extremely hungry to devour that whole thing. It can feed 2 people comfortably, even 3 if the knuckle is really big. Also depends on how much of the fatty parts the people would actually eat. These are usually about 1.5kg...
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    ?---is Walmart food as fresh as supermarket foods

    Wallmart or any other huge chain are massive operations with logistics fine tuned to the T, they cannot count on some producers having some old leftover foods to supply them with for cheap :) At the same time, they have HUGE buying power and can negotiate better prices than the smaller...
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    Pork Knuckle - German style recipe

    Yup, I know that these pork knuckles are hard to buy in the States, but hey, the butchers are obviously not throwing them away so they should be able to sell you some, when asked to :) There is a lot of fat on this cut for sure, but quite a bit of it renders during baking and the meat "below"...
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    Spice/herb strainer in non-stick pot

    You can also wrap it up in gauze bandage, that's what I've seen a few people using. Or just tie the herbs up with a cooking string and then pull that up when needed.
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    Mom's Ham and Bean Soup recipe

    Bean soup is one of my favorite ones. I make mine with smoked pork ribs that I boil first to make the stock, then take the meat of the bone and discard the bones. And when serving, I add a bunch of flat noodles.
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    Pork Knuckle - German style recipe

    Hello fellow foodies :) I would like to show you something very European today, a dish that is not really known or popular in the States but it's a huge thing in Germany, Slovakia, Czech republic etc... It's an oven baked PORK KNUCKLE... quite an underrated cut of pork in my opinion. Based on...
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    Your thoughts on buying pre-marinated meats

    This is it! I have no problem buying pre-marinated meat produced by a meat company, as they have no reasons to use "old" meat, they are butchering daily so why would they use old meat, right? I might not be happy about the final taste, but that's another story and to be judged on a case by case...
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    What do you think about Jamie Oliver with The School of Life in this video?

    Whenever I hear the name Jamie Oliver, uncle Roger comes to my mind :) Any of you guys following that dude? :)
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    Should olive oil be refrigerated?

    I'm keeping olive oil in a cupboard too, never had any problem.
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    Flat bottom pans

    Some cookware works like this with induction, it heats, but very slowly and can't reach the high temperature a proper cookware does. It's definitely a problem on the manufacturers side, poor engineering if you ask me. I was "lucky" enough to buy a whole set of cookware like this... 3 pans and 4...
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    ISO help/advice on purchasing a boning knife

    I have one from Rapala and it's great for fileting fish or working with fine meats, but I find the blade too thin and flexible to debone some "tougher" cut... maybe I'm doing something wrong :)
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    ISO help with air-frying chicken

    If you want to go for the classic and most simple breading style, do what I did in the video I will embed below, it's different meat type but will work with chicken just as well. And obviously, ignore the fact that I fried it in oil later on, I just wanted to show you the breading procedure...
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    Dips for flat breads.

    Here in my part of the world, spreads are more popular than dips... and we eat them with any kind of bread, including the flat types. The base is usually butter and cheese and then it's all about fantasy, you can add pretty much anything to the base... boiled eggs, onions, chives... finely...
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    ISO help/advice on purchasing a boning knife

    Ah yes, thought it would be something like this, thanks :)
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    Ground cherries in savoury dishes

    I've seen these as a garnish with savory dishes only, or used as one of the ingredients in some gravy. And also as part of a vegetable salad. I've seen these used whole, even with the husk still in tact.
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    ISO help/advice on purchasing a boning knife

    Off topic question: what exactly does ISO stand for? :)
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    Can my son make Tiramisu? Damn yes :)

    Thanks guys :) Will let him know it got approved by the pros :)
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    Chief's Antelope Stroganoff

    Interesting, I thought it would be gamey indeed. I plan to go to a gastronomy focused store soon, so will check if they have any Antelope meat on sale :)
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    Can my son make Tiramisu? Damn yes :)

    I'm sure many of you cooking fans here on the forum are cooking with your kids and try to teach them a few kitchen tricks. I'm doing the same since I think it's a great skill to have. Sometimes it works great, sometimes no so great, but usually our creations are at least edible :) But what...
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    Pulled pork enhancement

    Ketchup + mustard + sugar + soy sauce + chili... bring to a boil and cook for a minute or two, then add it to the pulled pork, mix and heat. Taste the mixture before mixing it with the meat, you need to reach the right balance of sweetness and acidity, so you might need to add more sugar or...
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    Chief's Antelope Stroganoff

    I've never had an antelope, what is the taste like? Can you compare it to something more common? And stroganoff is one of my favorite dishes, though i never made it with ground meat, that's an interesting idea.
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