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    Peanut butter

    again, I would substitute a solid fat with a solid fat... so, certainly they have come out of the oven by now, right? How are they?
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    So, How does this Bento Box Lunch sound to you?

    are you going to be cutting up the bananas or peaches. some fruit deteriorate rapidly after cutting.
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    Puppy Chow in a Trail Mix?

    It's a slang term for a snack that looks like dog food, that's all. It's not marketed, it's a recipe.
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    Please Help Me Decipher "American" Recipes :)

    In muffin recipes that call for sour cream, yogurt would be a good substitute.
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    Peanut butter

    I guess I would have replaced it with a solid fat item, like shortening or butter. Let us know how they turn out!
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    Another raw fish safety question

    We never buy "fresh" fish here... way too expensive. It means it had a lovely trip on someone's private jet... In order to get quality seafood where I live, we must buy frozen. It's quality is much better, and is much more economical. "fresh" fish that has been sitting in a refrigerated truck...
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    Hello! a question..

    I'm not local, but have a suggestion. If you are relatively new to cooking classes, a basic skills class might be a good place to start. When I went to cooking school, all the culinary and hospitality arts students were required to take it. It covered knife skills mostly, as well as some basic...
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    Peanut butter

    are you making chocolate chip cookies or chocolate chips? One could replace it with margarine or shortening if making cookies.
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    Puppy Chow in a Trail Mix?

    Trail mix is just that, a mix of munchies one would eat on the trail. One can put anything in it they want. For instance, my husband is currently on a backpacking trip up in the wilderness, and his trail mix consists of: m&m's (plain and peanut),skittles, hard candies (jolly ranchers and cream...
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    remember that a roulade is simply a rolled item, like a meat with a filling. It's quite alright to use what you like! Yu can change the meat, change the stuffing, change the sauce. Enjoy, they are fun to make.
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    New new ideas for chicken salad

    When I worked at a restuarant, one of their best selling salads was a chicken cashew salad. A pretty basic chicken salad, but with cashews. It was served on a bed of chopped romaine, with garnish of blackberries, strawberries, cataloupe, honeydew (cut into bit-sized chunks), then more cashews...
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    Who's Trying to Lose Weight?

    eat less, exercise more. One can always start by asking their doctor for advice.
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    I also use it to make "inside out" tamales. Yes, I KNOW it's not masa... but anyways, chili, red or green, is good over the top, too. Soft polenta with lots of parmesan is great, with a gravy (brown or red) over thop is wonderful.
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    I bought a cow!

    Yep, certainly not impressed with your "facts." And I don't appreciate your sniping at me directly...
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    Lowfat way to make your baked sweet potato that much sweeter

    I like a savory sweet potato, salt and pepper.
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    I bought a cow!

    Bison bison American bison They are indeed bison. Not all were exterminated.
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    Favorite jam/jelly

    Raspberry/Merlot Jam Grapefruit/Orange/Lemon "marmalade" (but not chunky, hence the quotation marks. more like a blend between jam and jelly, no big chunks, but with some zest, sunshine in a jar!) Peach/Captain Morgan Jam
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    In a bit of a panic over excess of fruit...

    pastry filled with vanilla pudding (or custard of some kind), then topped with berries. How about making jam?
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    I bought a cow!

    You can wiki the difference... the "true" buffalo and bison are indeed different. I think someone early on misnamed what they saw, calling them buffalo. not sure. haven't looked it up myself. My husband and sons like bison meat. It's leaner and purported to be healthier. I haven't really tried...
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    Anti-Aging Nutrition Food

    fine. but still, not "Greece." An isolated part of Greece, yes. An interesting study, yes.
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    What's For Dinner Monday 07/12/2010

    Mexican tonight... prepared grilled turkey over the weekend, will use that and some sirloins that are going into the slow cooker for taco meat. Will have rice and beans, flour and corn tortillas.
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    I bought a cow!

    O.K. you're right. I'm wrong. No bison could ever be contained by a fence. (I didn't really think this was an argument) Yes, one can buy a side of bison like a side of beef. It's done here all the time. I'll be driving past a couple of bison ranches in a couple of days on my vacation.
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    I bought a cow!

    hey, he wanted to see a bison fence... :)
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    Anti-Aging Nutrition Food

    O.K., a tiny island. Hardly the whole of Greece.
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    Remember When?

    Kids were told to go outside and play... come in for supper. Milkman would deliver milk to our fridge, and if we were gone, he'd come in (of course the doors weren't locked) see what we needed, go back out to the truck and bring back the order, and put it in the fridge. Mom would get her hair...
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