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  1. ScottyDaQ

    Shooter's Sandwich

    That was an awesome idea.
  2. ScottyDaQ

    Grilled Clams with Bacon, Garlic and Mountain Dew

    Whoever started that is a flippin genius !
  3. ScottyDaQ

    Italian Meatball Subs

    Learn how to embed .... you video whore. Those looked great BTW.
  4. ScottyDaQ

    Wsm running too hot

    Check the middle section for roundness? Check the seal on the access door?
  5. ScottyDaQ

    Cappy is Loved by all in the Recent Passing of Andy Griffith

    Re: Cappy is Loved by all in the Recent Passing of Andy Grif I'm still around....just silently observing the idiocy.
  6. ScottyDaQ

    Chicken Bog

    Try it on toast !
  7. ScottyDaQ

    Please bow your heads.....

    Good eye...Ruger P95
  8. ScottyDaQ

    Please bow your heads.....

    Goodbye my friend. It was a good 6 years.
  9. ScottyDaQ

    Char-Broil or Weber?

    Pretty much answers that huh? /thread.
  10. ScottyDaQ

    Jalapeno Question ???

    S'OK...everybody get's one.
  11. ScottyDaQ

    Turkey leg and wing thoughts?

    Congrats! Done well.
  12. ScottyDaQ

    More Que then my plate could hold!

    Somehow I think you managed. Looks great!
  13. ScottyDaQ

    Jalapeno Question ???

    Who's the bacon hater? Wanna borrow a gun?
  14. ScottyDaQ

    Grilled pork chops

    Chops are awesome! WANT! You have the same plates as JB.
  15. ScottyDaQ

    Grilled Chicken

    I'll take two plates!
  16. ScottyDaQ

    What's cooking this weekend?

    Managed to turn this out Sunday... Had Burger n Dogs, and leftovers on Memorial Day
  17. ScottyDaQ

    BBQ top sirloin steak?

    *meant to say "Life IS good".
  18. ScottyDaQ

    BBQ top sirloin steak?

    Meat... you cooked it... you ate it.... Life if good. :)
  19. ScottyDaQ

    It was just the boys tonight

    I just finished wings myself. ... If you woulda had my hot sauce, you'd probably wanna reconsider having slaw with them! I love slaw, celery/carrots with blue cheese, but let's just say it's not a good match when there's BOOCOO chile's involved.* *For clarification: As my Buddy Bigwheel...
  20. ScottyDaQ

    All these Beef Ribs posts!!!!

    Thanks all... forgot to come back by. John P, they took about 4 hours...low temp. Nav, will try the bacon wrapped asparagus at some point. I just love the flavor on it's own though.
  21. ScottyDaQ


    Phuckbucket! use It's cooler. It stands for Images of My Genitalia Upon Request.
  22. ScottyDaQ

    There's some new cuts of steak to try out.

    Still just a chuck steak..... not that it's bad.
  23. ScottyDaQ

    Weber Charcoal reviewed against Kenmore Propane grill

    Start with a simple, cheap ($75) Weber 18" OTS kettle ... Cook some stuff for a while ... Then smack yourself in the head (HARD) for not thinking about going with Weber. Then get the Performer after you start saying "Dah-yum, I can't believe I never thought of a Weber before!"
  24. ScottyDaQ

    All these Beef Ribs posts!!!!

    Made me want some! I would have done them on the WSM, but the racks rusted to shit during the warm winter. I figured if Larry could do good BBQ on a kettle/performer, ANY idiot could. :P So there ya go...
  25. ScottyDaQ

    Spun a couple of yardbirds today

    I thought I smelled something yummy the other day, that wanted me to cook chickenz. thumbs up!
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