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  1. Savannahsmoker

    4th of July Ribs for Sweetie and I

    Sweetie and I on our own this 4th so it is Low and Slow Smokey St. Louis Cut BBQ Ribs with Sweetie's Macaroni Salad plus adult beverages. [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
  2. Savannahsmoker

    Grilled Prime Tri-Tip from Costco

    Very tasty looking meal and I need to try Tri-Tip soon.
  3. Savannahsmoker

    Sometimes Ya Gotta Cheat

    Salmon Florentine (spinach and ricotta cheese) on the Weber. Served with asparagus brazed in seasoned garlic buttered and spaetzle.
  4. Savannahsmoker

    Fat Cap Up or Fat Cap Down.

    As most everyone knows every cooker is different so a little comparison between Boston Butts fat cap up or fat cap down on the Blaz'n Grid Iron. At the 12 hour mark sitting at 160 internal degrees...
  5. Savannahsmoker

    Grilled Chicken Thighs

    Nice bird thighs ya did there. I do like bird thigh.
  6. Savannahsmoker

    Blaz'n Grill Works Grid Iron 2nd Test-Ribs

    Learning my new Blazn'n Grid Iron One full spare rib rack minus sternum and pig candy
  7. Savannahsmoker


    Looks mighty tasty
  8. Savannahsmoker

    Turkey fryer

    Did it look like the following and if so PrincessFiona60 is correct in that it is The Big Easy. Here is a bird I roasted in mine.
  9. Savannahsmoker

    Tri-Tip and Flat Iron Steak

    Thanks for all the help.
  10. Savannahsmoker

    Grandson's Awesomest Grilled Pork Chops

    13 year old teaching 9 year old with 13 year old's abbreviated instructions. "You have to place them exactly correct so let me show you how." "See, place them like this so none overlap and all fit". "Ok 3 minutes. Turn the grill to medium and and you flip them" "That's to slow, do it fast...
  11. Savannahsmoker

    What to do with whole duck

    If prep correctly and roasted you will have crispy skin like I had in the picture below. Here is one I roasted awhile back. Roast Duck by Pellet Grill
  12. Savannahsmoker

    Check out this nifty pizza oven

    I use my pellet grill for a wood fired pizza oven. Pics a lazy night so Papa Murphy's was the entree. I agree with others in that this is a scam until proven not.:smile:
  13. Savannahsmoker

    Chicken Thighs, 12 year old Grandson and a Savannah Stoker II Controlled Pellet Grill

    It is a Royall Wood Pellet smoker with a chimney in a covered patio to keep me out of the elements when cooking. We cook entrees outside at least 6 days a week. Here you can see the nice thin blue smoke. Since those pictures I have added the Next Generation Savannah Stoker II Pellet Smoker...
  14. Savannahsmoker

    Chicken Stew with Drop Dumplings

    O' I could not say it is mind. I would say where I got it and what changes I made if any. Thanks
  15. Savannahsmoker

    Chicken Thighs, 12 year old Grandson and a Savannah Stoker II Controlled Pellet Grill

    Thank you so much. BTW he makes his own rub, sauce and glaze for his cooks and I am proud of him.
  16. Savannahsmoker

    Chicken Thighs, 12 year old Grandson and a Savannah Stoker II Controlled Pellet Grill

    Thanks for the nice replies. Grandson is an old hand at grilling and smoking as you can see here. The boy is standing on a box.
  17. Savannahsmoker

    Oyster Appetizer

    A lovely setting for oysters. Please the recipe for your sauce.
  18. Savannahsmoker

    Chicken Stew with Drop Dumplings

    Chicken Stew with Drop Dumplings:yum: wow what a great comfort food for the upcoming cold days. I shall copy your recipe if you do not mind.:smile:
  19. Savannahsmoker

    Chicken Thighs, 12 year old Grandson and a Savannah Stoker II Controlled Pellet Grill

    Grandson putting on the chicken thighs. After the chicken was in he set a low smoke temperature on the BMerrill’s new SSII Pellet Grill Controller. The new SSII is so easy to use a 12 year can use it. After some smoke and roasting it was time for a light BBQ glaze Getting close to pull...
  20. Savannahsmoker

    Beef Bourginon advice

    Very interesting and good post.
  21. Savannahsmoker

    Deep Fat Frying Temperatures

    Thank you becasue I am looking for something.
  22. Savannahsmoker

    Three Butts, Three Rubs and Frozen

    Thanks all for the grand comments. Yep, the middle one was the juices and being bias my Mohunken Butt Rub is still the best but after tasting the other it needs some adjustment. We really like the other two especially the extra kick Plowboys provided. Use to complete years ago but have long...
  23. Savannahsmoker

    Three Butts, Three Rubs and Frozen

    Started with three shoulders and three different rubs to compare. Applied Rub with Yellow Mustard and Molasses and threw the meat in the freezer for a couple of days BTW, you can sort of see the difference in rubs by the color and texture. A couple days later, right from the freezer and into...
  24. Savannahsmoker

    New Years Eve Dinner for Sweetie and Me

    Racks of Lamb: Marinate in this: Wrapped in the fridge for two days New YeaEve and it is cold out but time to cook. When it is a cold and dark cooking night one needs to have their own sun. Reversed Seared the Racks of Lamp New Years Dinner, Main Course
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