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    Herb spread

    Yummy! Thanks, I need to make something with all the herbs I have growing in the garden. :chef:
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    What is your favorite drink?

    These days, I love Bailey's on the rocks. It has always been one of my favorites and is especially enjoyable during the summer.
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    Apple Cider Salad

    Very interesting recipe. Thanks for sharing it. I just have to get some gelatin and I can try it.
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    What are the 5 foods that you could simply not live without?

    Definitely a tough one, but if I had to choose, my top 5 would be: 1. Spaghetti, it's so versatile 2. Garlic, adds flavor to almost anything 3. Eggs, can be cooked so many ways 4. Cheese, it's just so yummy! 5. Mushrooms, have always been one of my favorites.
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    Italian Sausage, Feta Cheese Pasta

    Yummy! Thanks, I'm going to make this tomorrow night for dinner.
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    Hors D' oeuvres Night

    Looks great and sounds simple enough. I especially like anything that can be prepared in advance. It's so much more enjoyable that way. Thanks for sharing!
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    Red Pepper & Parmesan Pizzas

    Yummy! Thanks for the recipe. I love parmesan AND roasted red pepper.
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    Warm milky drinks. Help please!

    I like to add chocolate bits to warm milk. Either milk or white chocolate, sometimes dark chocolate. The chocolate pieces melt right into the milk and tastes so rich and delicious.
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    What have you had for breakfast lately?

    Lately breakfasts have had to be really simple. Basic cereal with milk, oatmeal or some pancakes. I'm getting inspired by some of these amazing breakfasts and definitely need to make some time to create one soon!
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    Avocado & Goat cheese Crostini

    Thanks! That sounds great. I love goat cheese and happen to have some avocados that I couldn't decide what to do with. :)
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    Tuesday, June 7 - What's for dinner?

    Sirloin Oscar with mashed potatoes and veggies. :)
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    Hi, I'm new here!

    Welcome to D.C. It's fun to lose yourself amongst the foodies! Lol. It's a great place for meal time inspiration.
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    A Little Self-Promotion...

    Those sound great, especially since I love Aioli. Going to vote now. Hope you win!
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    Pecan Shortbread Cookies

    Yummy! Thank you so much for the recipe. I have been wanting to make cookies with some brown sugar in them since I have so much of it, and I LOVE pecans so this is perfect.
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    What are you baking today?

    I love baking too and wish I could bake something every single day! Today I am making the time to bake up some yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
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    SANGRIA suggestions

    I like to put oranges, berries, apples and peaches for variety. I agree that any fruit will do. My friend likes to make a citrus one where she puts lemons, limes and oranges in it.
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    My Asian Style Cooking

    Wow. Looks so amazing. Whoever gets to eat at your house is sure lucky. The cheese lobster looks ineresting. I've never had anything like that before.
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    Tomato and Pepper Brushetta

    Looks great! I will definitely make this as I have so many peppers I just didn't know what to do with.
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    Twitter anyone?

    Hey Shannon, finding foodie friends on there would be great. I am following you now. I am foodaholic8 on twitter. Nice to meet you!
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    Twitter anyone?

    I just got on twitter. I still don't completely understand it, but I am going to give it a try for now.
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    Edible Flowers

    Thanks! I need some for a summertime themed birthday party. =)
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    What are you baking today?

    Chocolate cake again. I am addicted!
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    Burgers Fries & Shakes

    Bobby Flay has a new book out with recipes for Burgers, Fries and Shakes. I got it for DH so he can make us some yummy burgers now that the weather is better. Of course, there is a giveaway for it here for those who might want it. It has a lot of good tips in it so hopefully our burger...
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    Look at these beautiful cupcakes!

    Wow, they are so perfect looking. I love them all.
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    Dinner Tuesday, April 21

    Frozen lasagna since I don't feel like cooking today. :)
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