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  1. txpgapro

    Maverick ET-73 Mods

    Thanks Lew. Pigs, your video link is for access to the switches and not the antenna mod. Thanks anyway.
  2. txpgapro

    Maverick ET-73 Mods

    A few years ago someone posted a thread on how to modify the ET-73 for better reception by drilling a small hole and pulling the antenna wire through the case. I can't find it anymore. It had pictures and nice directions. Anyone know where it is?
  3. txpgapro

    Do you use a Stoker or Guru with an Offset?

    Thinking about adding one, is it feasible? My firebox is 24" long on a 24" round. Pit has a 48" horizontal and a 36" upright. Wondering if either unit would power the pit to a constant 225*-250*?
  4. txpgapro

    Jamie Geer Coming out of retirement!

    You got it all backward Thom. What you need is a ranch for all your grills and kettles. :lol:
  5. txpgapro

    Citrus Chops

    Nice grub! My wife pulled the same trick on the skinny chops tonight. Will put them to the grill tomorrow evening. Gonna soak in teriyaki tonight and then top with an orange glaze prior to grilling.
  6. txpgapro

    Dinner on the Beach

    What 3 awesome sights. Food, wine & woman! Great pics! :wink:
  7. txpgapro

    Mom wants smoked chops

    Sure wish someone would post a great grilled chop recipe.
  8. txpgapro

    Web Site Hosting Costs

    Check the web site. We are having a new web site built and they have been very helpful with the hosting and email stuff. Less than $30 a year with plenty of space.
  9. txpgapro

    Streaming Audio Server?

    What is this at the top of the page? Is there background music now?
  10. txpgapro

    I need photo storage site

    Sometime in 2006 a few guys posted slideshows with music. What program was that? Yahoo! Photos is closing and I need a new storage site for photos but want to be able to do something with them.
  11. txpgapro

    Favorite NFL team?

    The wife says it's THE COWBOYS, but for me i's still the ORANGE CRUSH - DENVER BRONOCOS!!
  12. txpgapro

    My 1st Catering

    I wanted to reprint from another forum what I did a couple of weeks ago at my 1st catering gig. It might be useful to someone thinking about catering an outing. Although the first catering went very smooth and was a lot of fun, it was a whole lot of work. After visiting with the Woodman, I...
  13. txpgapro

    Welcome Back

    I haven't had time to post much lately, but I sure did miss not being able to read all the other posts! Welcome back on line Greg!
  14. txpgapro

    Anything Butt

    I'll go with Dale on this one. A nice lightly smoked fish that has been marinaded in eithe orange or a lemon sauce is wonderful. Spice it up some but leave it on the sweet side.
  15. txpgapro

    It's Summer Time!!!

    Man Larry those pork chop steaks look great!
  16. txpgapro

    Vacation BBQ...Gator Pit...Texasbbqrub

    So did you and the wife order a new Gator?
  17. txpgapro

    Sick of BBQ!

    Great job! And yes "You deserve a break today, so get up and get away, to McDonald's!" =D> :biggrin:
  18. txpgapro

    Getting the rust off - prep work for paint

    If you read the Rustoleum paint can, it tells that there is not need to remove all the rust. Remove what you can, wash and dry prior to painting. All metal will eventually rust if subjected to the elements. And since no one I knows has a FoodSaver big enough for their pit, it will rust again...
  19. txpgapro

    Lil' Kettle Rib-Eye's

    Unbelieveable Larry! Great lookin steaks! =D>
  20. txpgapro

    Yard Birds

    Nice birds!!
  21. txpgapro

    Smoking Woods

    I just quartered a pretty good sized silver leaf maple. It was uprooted during our tornado last month. I'm not sure how it will taste, but I've been told that it is mild.
  22. txpgapro

    weber survey

    Or into the spam folder! :grin:
  23. txpgapro

    Number Called

    Thanks guys! I was in shock when they called my number, even for a 7th place chicken. The wife told me that all I could say was "You got to be kidding, right?" as I walked up to get my ribbon. :grin: I've still got to find a way to cook that sauce on though. I brushed it on 30 minutes...
  24. txpgapro

    We got a boat

    I finally sold my 19' bass boat last year. I used that money to buy my custom Gator Pit - The Extreme. They say the best two days in a boat owners life are they day the buy one and the day the sell it. So true!!! :grin:
  25. txpgapro

    BBQ Pit Picture Gallery

    Just emailed my pit info.
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