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    How Many Cookbooks Do You Have?

    I have ~85 linial feet of cook books, around 400 books. I don't really bother with counting the magazines but I have all the Fine Cooking for at least one decade and every one of Cooks Illustrated since its original beginning [before it bankoed and Chris bought it]. I traveling now so I don't...
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    What's your favorite digital kitchen timer?

    ThermoWorks Extra Big and Loud Timer Big enough to see, loud enough to hear thru most of the house, buttons big enough for my clumsy fingers, mine is the model before this one and is more than two years already. BTW the
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    What can I do with Pork Shoulder?

    I started one in my smoker about30 min ago. If I don't feel like smoking it, I season the butt and put in a Le Creset on some sliced onions [ kind of a meat trivit in the bottom] and put in the oven at 200 degrees for twelve hours. I pull it out and fork pull it or sometimes, chop. Oh yes...
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    How many U.S. states have you visited?

    All of them plus four of the Canadian provinces.
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    Using French Jars for canning

    I actually got them from Town and Country Market here in town. I think they were $30 bucks per 18# box but Welcome to is the link to the growers on line sales. They with shipping wanted $45 per 15# box on-line. I just ask the Green grocer in the Central Mkt and he said he'd get...
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    Using French Jars for canning

    Bill and Hazel, Thanks they worked exactly as you said. Haven't found any failures to seal. Learned another thing too. I used a "Cajon Caddilac" [sp?] to boil the water; at 100000 BTU/hr, the water doesn't even stop boiling as you add new jars. My home range is 15000 BTU full on and it doesn't...
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    Using French Jars for canning

    I just went out and bought four dozen Fido terina 200 ml jars [Bormioli] for the weekend project to make Marmalade with the 36 pounds of Seville Oranges I also bought. 200 ml is for all intents 7 oz. My thought was that is a good gift size as well as it just seemed that a pint or 500 ml was...
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    Using French Jars for canning

    Haz, thx, it worked fine as it is nearly identical to jpbill's I bet that works too. mcnerd, I checked the case jars of new Kerr and a Ball one to. No mention of USDA. Just as soon not have those folks in my kitchen anyhow.
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    Using French Jars for canning

    Thank you. This is useful and pretty much makes sense; they work like most any mason jar.
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    Using French Jars for canning

    Has anyone ever done any canning using french jars? I haven't figured how to do a boiling water or pressure cooker type procedure for either. I think you need to heat the jar to push out the gasses but how do you do that with the top un-latched? Any pointing to a site or book will be much...
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    Pickled Onions

    The recipe I've used in the past called for "Carmel Color" to be added. We never did but would like to, as it seems to be more authentic;where can we get the stuff snd does anybody know what Carmel Color is? Don't you hate all the onion peeling? What a pain. THX
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    ThermoWorks thermocouples are guaranteed accurate to .2°C. I don't care if it is off that much when I pull the turkey out. .2°C = .36°F if I did my 'rithmatic correctly. That said many of the shirt pocket Tailor types are adjustable. Look for a nut looking thing between the gauge and its...
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    I fell in love with there smokehouse thermocouple. I have had a hundred -I don't think I am exaggerating- of those cheap Polder types fail. The wire in the probes melts around 300°F My oven is usually higher, my gas grill is almost always higher. The Smokehouse has 1000° wire. Most self...
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    Non-hydrogenated Lard

    You might find how easy it is to render your own. you can Google rendering Lard and just the first link I looked at was cool. You can buy pork fat from most butchers. You are right on about lard in pie crust.
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    Canning Pulled Pork with sauce

    Wow, I haven't done a search on this subject but I do have some questions. Canning meat; can one just load the jar with meat and process in either of the methods. Where do I learn about this?
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    Pork ribs.. how long do you roast them before bbqing?

    I put a rub on the ribs and put them in the smoker. I also add a pan of apple juice in the smoker. I baste the ribs with the apple juice about every 45 min or so. Usually takes about 4 hours at 200-225°. I want the bones loose in the socket. Then paint on the sauce and glaze at 350-400° for...
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    Penzeys Mail-order

    Penzeys is tops for quality. They have dropped a favorite of mine which was ground Turkish Bay leaves. Speaking of which the Whole Turkish Bay leaves themselves are unbelievable. I love their peppers. I use a fair bit of white pepper and their Malasian white Sarawak is better than any I have...
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    Ain't this a CROCK

    "Never underestimate the ingenuity of a complete idiot."-- Doug Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe
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    Ain't this a CROCK

    I found them! This place Stoneware pickling crock, 1 gallon has lots of this sort of thing and the prices are way more inline with what I think is right. Do I want the 3 and 5, or do I want the 2 and 3, or.... Just noted Sparrowgrass' post. Yes these prices are even better. Do anyone have...
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    Ain't this a CROCK

    Can anyone shed some light on where I can find crocks? I mean the old ones our Moms had to make every thing from Kraut to pickled tomatoes to cucumbers. The ones at home were in various sizes from 2+ to 5 or so gallons- this is a guess, I never measured. They were a very light gray or grayish...
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    Preserved lemons

    These are Preserved Meyer's Lemons. They are From May '06 and I have used them just last week and they are fine. I do keep them in the reefer but from what i have read and given they are done in Morocco, I don't think it necessary. I have done these in both Meyer's juice and in plain juice of...
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    Cooking with Lettuce

    I used to make a side dish that I haven't done in years. Shave Iceberg like you were making Kraut, long skinny nearly hair like slivers, sweat in butter, add fresh or frozen peasto just warm, salt and white pepper. I served this alongside mild fish. I guess it was more than OK because I did...
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    NYT & Parchment Paper Tutorial

    No Joe, this is a misspelling by me. It should be Le Creuset, the colorful enameled cast iron cookware. Sorry for the confusion, I will proof read my own posts better in the future.
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    Answer a question with a question!

    should I? why?
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    Jobs/Anhaueser Busch

    Dave, here you go: Eleven Inherent Rules of Corporate Behavior - Jerry Mander These might be best kept from children lest they get the idea that people are mean.. They aren't, just greedy.
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