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    Acidity/Alkalinity in our Diet

    Forgot to add: almonds help with acid also. Comparison of two purification products of shankha bhasma: A prospective randomized control trial 'Purification of shankha bhasma by lemon juice method is better than sour gruel method in terms of clinical outcome in GERD patients and is hence...
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    Acidity/Alkalinity in our Diet

    I've read that it removes chlorine from water; I know it does help with taste.
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    Acidity/Alkalinity in our Diet

    It's more complicated than that. There are good digestive acids (like hydrochloric) and waste recycled foaming acids. There are different reasons for heartburn. I get tired of the same solution over and over, and not all are always available, so I have come up with multiple ways to ease the...
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    Acidity/Alkalinity in our Diet

    Lemon juice in water (no sugar) for heart burn or digestive problems. -Works for me, but not all people.
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    How to peel an....

    Would fresh coconuts be easier to open with a Machete than the kind we get in the northeast US? Peeling garlic: The OP reminded me of this:
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    Calculating Sodium Question

    :innocent: I wonder if it has bromine too.
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    Calculating Sodium Question

    Technically everyone should restrict salt (not drink sea water). You can add salt to fresh water or salt water to fresh water to absorb more of the water than you would with just fresh water. Imagine if Gatorade advertised salt instead of electrolytes.
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    Calculating Sodium Question

    :lol: Chefs dispensing medicine without a license.
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    Gluten-free homemade pasta

    Wouldn't brown rice flour work better than white?
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    Calculating Sodium Question

    -I sometimes get that swelling also and suspected a deficiency of something else rather than blaming salt entirely. When I wasn't adding salt to my food; I got serious throat infections about yearly. -Not one since. I won't take vitamin supplements (too much silicon dioxide explains a lot of...
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    An Ode to Barkeepers Friend

    I'm gonna have to get some of this stuff now, but it's gonna go in some better kind of container. My poor baking soda; one less use of many.
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    Substituting stevia for sugar in baked goods

    Stevia will still leave you craving calories like any artificial sweetener. Stevia doesn't make syrups so it won't act like a sugar in recipes. Corn syrup, honey, maple is out of the question?
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    Calculating Sodium Question

    Weird: salt is one of the best health supplements imho.
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    Questions/Juicing/Green Smoothies/Juicer

    People are doing face exercises now to eliminate those saggy chins to make up for not chewing their food. If you don't crave or like something: it's probably because it doesn't have cocaine, morphine, or heroin in it. Seriously though: we don't crave super foods because they are like taking...
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    Making gluten-free pasta dough pliable?

    I can't imagine rice, corn, and potato flour making delicious pasta. Has anyone tried cricket flour? What about squash pastas?
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    Your Coffee Mug

    Is it because they don't get cleaned like the other dishes? I rarely clean my mug because it affects the taste.
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    Pomegranate Vinegar

    I read from an unreliable source that it wasn't real pomegranate vinegar, but pomegranate juice, white vinegar, and sugar?
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    ISO a low maintenance chef's knife

    Elsewhere I've seen a test of a ceramic vs metal knife on an apple. Comments from Chef's were that the metal blade was dull and is why the ceramic appeared to not rust the apple to the same degree. I'd be interested in your findings since bruising is claimed to be a factor. I remember seeing...
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    Chief's Tip of the Day:

    I've been going to Laura Pazzaglia's HIP site ever since I got a pressure cooker. Sadly my PC has just one setting: 15lbs, so I couldn't do use her tip.
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    What do you do for hiccups?

    Increasing the pressure in my chest for a moment works for me. -I learned quick when my father was getting angry with me for hiccuping.
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    An Ode to Barkeepers Friend

    I thought this was a cooking forum, not a freakin dish washing forum! -j/k lol. Good cooks should know how to take care of their equipment. To me the cleaned pan looks scratched up, and I hate the can with the holes in the top. I've been using Ecolab's Grease Strip Plus or baking soda (as a...
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    ISO a low maintenance chef's knife

    Actually just read an enlightening thread about Ceramic knives and am a bit put off by them now. They're delicate, with inferior blade geometry, and what I learned is they're not as sharp. Some stainless steels are considered inert. Some cooks will rub lemon or lime juice on their blade to keep...
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    What are these knife features called?

    Thank you, and I agree that they're not just used on cheap knives: MAC for example. I was just implying that they're common on cheap santoku style knives so people could easily recognize what I was on about.
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    Victorinox Fibrox 8" chef's knife

    Forschner was acquired by Victorinox (same knife). I'm not a fan of the handles, but am a minor fan of much cheaper knives.
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    ISO a low maintenance chef's knife

    I'm near-sited so I can see very well close up. I have been asked by co-workers how to hone, and showed them the edge of the knife before and after and they reported positively about seeing the change. Those were times when someone else had been using the knife though. I don't use the cutting...
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