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    What are your favorite fruits, and why.

    I couldn't pick a favorite so we have 30+ fruit trees includind several peaches and nectarines that have different ripenings through the summer; last chance peach is ready now. There's zipper tangerines, oranges, tangelos, blood orange, ruby grapefruits, plums, pears (5 varietiess on one tree)...
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    Yeast Donuts Recipe

    I agree on the Spudnuts.
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    My take on Fresh Figs.

    I've eaten figs all my life because my grandma had a fig tree that covered an acre. My fig tree is a long way from an acre. I think we need to go into the fig business... a buck a fig? Forget those grapes.
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    Corn Dogs!

    The recipe we use is much like the Chef Michael Symon recipe but seems to use less ingredients. My kid insisted they were as good as the carnival guy makes them. They were so easy to make and way cheaper than the carnival corn dogs. Corn Dogs 1 cup flour 1/2 cup corn meal 2 tsp sugar 1-1/2 tsp...
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    Expired but unopened foods, are they safe?

    I agree with dragnlaw and but would add ... common sense. Before laws were enacted, that was the number one rule. I used a package of stashed bread crumbs that were two years past the "expired" date. No one got sick and gobbled down every bite of the dish.
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    Scarecrow the Tin Man Project (part 1)

    Great job! Fun too
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    Problem with enchiladas

    60 ounces of sauce? Or 4 eight ounce cups for a total of 20 ounces of sauce? I think 60 ounces (almost a half gallon) would have made enchilada soup. A nice Hispanic lady took me aside long ago to inform me that my husband-to-be loved enchillada and gave me the secret recipe, specifed flour...
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    Too Much Flour…

    I also freeze flour as soon as I bring it home for at least a few days. No room in the freezer? In the fridg until I make room in the freezer, the in it goes.
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    Find The Camel EyeSight Test

    I spy!
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    Off Use for a Tool

    I was going to say the same thing. Try it. You might invent something new that you like even better. It's happened
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    ISO diner-style pancake recipe

    I've seen bags of Krusteaz sitting in restaurant kitchens too. My dad used Krusteaz all the time but especially when hunting. And he used beer as the liquid. Our family recipe stays the same as Dad's.
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    Well, Hi😃

    Welcome and good luck ... It's all about choice. At my house, almost everything is an experiement and my husband has a choice... take it, or leave it. If he were to choose "leave it", sorry suppers over, there's the peanut butter jar. The only thing I've promised is that I will not make...
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    Sugar: Granulated vs. Powdered

    Hi Scott...This has nothing to do with powdered sugar but it was sweet for us. Thanks to a snow storm, we honeymooned in Pollock Pines.
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    Help!my pudding get dried

    Welcome in. How long was the "sometime"?
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    Suggestions on a basic book for baking......

    My mother-in-law handed me a Betty Crocker Cookbook over 55 years ago. It's pretty beat up but still useable, and I use it.
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    How are you feeling now about..

    We are in the country so not much public near by. However, we do have to make those trips into town every couple weeks or so. The freezer is getting lots of activity with some old stuff coming out and new stuff (bread,etc) going in. One main thing that is different is all the doctor...
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    What would you expect to find in your kitchen in 20 years ?

    This will be interesting to watch. Sometimes it tastes like we already have cooking robots. I'm living with my 25-years-ago kitchen plan and it still works great for me. There probably are a few things in this life that will always require the human hand and taste buds. (Maybe wishful...
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    Heating the pan

    I put the pan on, light the fire, pour in the oil/plop in the butter. However, it's a Wolf stove and the pan gets to temperature pretty quickly.
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    Submit favorite DC recipes here...

    Thank you
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    Is it possible to make a milkshake without SO MUCH ice cream?

    I thought it might be over blending also. I don't let the ice sit around softening, I toss the carton in the microwave and give 18-20 seconds while I lay out the other supplies. I've also discovered (due to old wrists) that the sharpness of the ice cream scoop is important in "scoopability" of...
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    Tapioca pudding at its best!

    Thanks ... "this"link worked for me too.
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    How do you doll up your cottage cheese?

    I like my cottage cheese with a shake of pepper and some crispy bacon instead of fried eggs for breakfast. My mother-in-law gets credit for coaxing me to try it. She was right, I liked it and still do.
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    Childhood vs Now

    My mom made potato soup and I make potato soup. I had 4 sisters so when the crowds for Christmas eve dinner got too big, mom declared that potato soup would be served taking away some of the work involved. Every one agrees,still, it's potato soup for Christmas eve dinner. If it's just my...
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    Pasta dough kneading question

    Almost everything bothers my arthritis, somethings more than others. Any relief is appreciated. Home made noodles are worth it.
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